Friday, 15 January 2021

CONSTIPATION: Emotional meaning:

It is considered constipation when stool stay too long in the intestine and the rhythm of the bowel decreases variably, with hard, dry stools and difficulty to dispose them.

The inability to have regular and spontaneous bowel movements reveals that the person is trying to "hold" events, which lives attached to their old ideas, which are stuck in the past, closely linked to their customs and traditions and that it is almost impossible to abandon.

"I want to keep...” 

"I do not want to forgive... 

"I do not know how to fix it” 

"I do not know how to move forward” 

"I do not know how to get rid of that crap, I take time to think”

Constipation is accompanied by a headstrong attitude to continue clinging to a situation, despite knowing that it cannot derive any good.

"I have to keep this up, although I know that I will not like it”

"It does not get any better, but I’m not quitting”

"I should go, but I will not”

What crap don't I want to drop? It can be something real or symbolic. 

To find out, I have to review my family, social, work, romantic relationships, etc. 

I must look for betrayals, disappointments, manipulations, infidelities, broken promises, lies, deceptions, people who hurt us, etc. and they are things that we continue to remember and ruminate on, that is, we continue to go round and round in our minds daily.

It also expresses greed and stinginess. 

This person has a hard time giving and tries at all costs to retain and preserve their things, cling to their material goods should it need them someday, because "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

Even if you feel compelled to give something at some point, it will not feel guilty, but inside will not feel satisfied, because he/she always prefers to keep to himself/herself.

Similarly, there are other experiences that cause constipation, for example, those who are still waiting for the love of his/her mother. 

Lack of water (symbol of the mother) in their feces, equivalent to the desire of the mother.

"I want to keep the love of my mother, so I reabsorb water”

"I'm still waiting the love from Mom".

A mom may also suffer constipation if she feels guilty about the care of their children.

"My children are not well, my fault”

It can cause constipation by a conflict of fear of "not being able to remove the piece, the bite". 

Example: a house, land, car, etc., we have put on sale and cannot be sold.

Also, you can suffer from constipation after an identity conflict in the territory or a separation conflict. 

Example: when someone feels isolated at work, in your community, association, etc.

Traveler's constipation: It occurs when traveling. It usually affects women much more than men.

Conflict of territory. I am not at home and I cannot mark the territory.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

The message you conveyed your Inner Master, is that you let go of your old beliefs, your worries and your fears, all that no longer serves you and allow space for the new.

You have to recognize your own inability to release and learn to accept and understand that everything in life is temporary, everything flows.



Wednesday, 6 January 2021

APPENDICITIS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The appendix is ​​a small bag of just a few centimeters, although in some animals, such as horses, is usually about 80 centimeters and use it as a pantry, when they eat, it is filled and thus have food reserve. In people the appendix is ​​symbolic and in the reserve (pantry) we usually put money, sweets, affection, recognition ... in children has much to do with their money to buy their whims.
They correspond most of the time, to blockades of violent emotions, anger or indignation, related to an unpleasant, indigestible matter.
Inflammation of the appendix expresses us we have experienced a conflict over money saved, food pantry at home, etc. For whatever reason, our reserves of "something" have been touched, emptied, robbed, by someone or I have had to use it for some reason. And it can be a small reserve, not necessarily significant.
In children, it is related to pocket money, "conflict of the piggy bank", candies, weekly pay, etc.
"I have a right to take some money in my pocket, but at home they deny it"
"I am deprived unjustly of good things"
"I have been punished and it was not so a big thing; I cannot appeal or defend myself".
Someone makes us or made us a dirty trick and is something we cannot "empty" a situation that we do not find out.
"They have made me a dirty trick, have cheated me and now I do not know how to react or what to do".
"I feel left out".
"Fear. Fear of life. Fear of not being able to have more".
“Good” flow is blocked.
You can also catch fire as a result of a feeling of repressed anger at the loss of power in a particular aspect of life, which will never be going back to.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The person suffering from inflammation of the appendix, to avoid surgery, needs to express his feelings with words out loud. 
You need to trust her ability to re-save, accumulate, etc. He has to learn to trust himself and in life. 
He must learn to relax and enjoy life without obsessing over his possessions.