Sunday, 15 May 2022

CYSTS, emotional and spiritual meaning

A cyst is a rounded formation that contains a fatty or liquid substance (usually soft), which does not communicate with the outside, nor does it have vascular connections.
It is a "frozen" emotional impact, which has not been resolved, but which has not continued either.
It has to do with the repair phase of a conflict of precise devaluation and an attack on our dignity or integrity, lived with rancor. 
The cyst, biologically, protects me from aggression. If several cysts appear, it means that there have been several offenses that I have received.
It can be the consequence of resentment against the affective partner, for having been unjustly hurt. "I refuse to forgive"
The cyst can also represent a blockage of a project, of a desire that I could not fulfill and lives embedded in me.
The cyst represents a regret that we accumulate, a pain or an injury from the past, which from time to time, comes to mind and we constantly feed it.
I must find out if in my childhood or adolescence, I received a blow, an unwanted touching, an attack in the place where the cyst manifests itself or, perhaps, the victim was my mother while I was in her womb or, perhaps, the person who received it was an ancestor with whom I have an affinity and it happened to him at the same age that it appears to me.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I must not live entrenched in the past, constantly feeding the old wound.
No injured person is healed by projecting his pain onto others. Instead of blaming someone who hurt us, we must accept from the heart the situation that bothers us and feel the feelings involved, so that that blocked energy (anger, frustration, etc.) flows and becomes love. 
The healing process always takes place inside; the means par excellence is forgiveness.
The place where the cyst is located and its biological meaning will provide us with more detailed and specific information about our emotional blockage.

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Friday, 22 April 2022

HEART ATTACK, emotional and spiritual meaning


It manifests itself after an obstruction in one of the coronary arteries that produces ischemia or insufficient blood supply, in one of the parts of the heart tissue (myocardium).
A heart attack is a warning that I have lost the meaning of life. I have experienced an emotional / professional imbalance. 
Surely I am very focused only on the matter, on money and I have neglected my emotional, sentimental part, 
I have stopped enjoying family and friends, in short, life itself.
The heart attack usually occurs in a period of life in which I am immersed in a situation of very strong competition or I am experiencing great financial pressure coupled with a feeling of lack of affection from the family and my close loved ones.
"I don't feel loved", "I don't feel love towards me"
It can also indicate that I am experiencing a devaluation conflict with respect to my heart capacity. I am or have been an athlete and I am no longer active, I have “always” considered not having a strong heart. 
“I won't get it; my heart is not strong enough”, "I can't run that race, it's too much distance, my heart won't hold"
It may be due to a biological conflict of loss of a territory, something that I consider mine. It refers to a situation in which I have lost my field of action in the nucleus of my family, my company, my job, my house, my car, etc. 
That is, it is always about that place where I feel comfortable and at ease.
It may be an attack suffered in my "territory" or it may refer to the frustrated desire to be able to direct "my" territory or perhaps to the loss or possible direct loss of it.
“I have lost my company, my house, my partner, etc.”, "I want to continue being the boss, the owner", "What the heck! I am at home…"
Why have you done this without consulting me?
It may also be due to the fact that I am living in a complicated situation because I do not want to or, perhaps, I cannot leave my territory.
If I am a left-handed person, the origin may be related to a sexual frustration that I am experiencing.
If I am right-handed, regardless of whether I am male or female (for left-handers the other way around):
Right artery: Related to a loss of external territory.
Left artery: It is related to a loss of interior territory.
Left heart: This is the biological solution to a conflict of masculine territory.
Right heart: It is the biological solution of a conflict of feminine territory.
The heart attack is a warning from my Being to warn me to take care of my tender part more and the heart attack forces me, in some way, to do so, to pay more attention to my heart from now on.
How far am I able to feel love and express it to others?
Do I force myself to be "someone else" and do too much to prove to others who I am and what I am worth?

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Monday, 28 March 2022

AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS, emotional and spiritual meaning


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the motor neurons in the brain, which stop working and, therefore, stop sending messages to the muscles, causing muscle weakness and inability to move.
It is an emergency symptom, since the sooner we locate the emotional conflict that triggers it, the faster we will prevent the progression of the disease and, at the same time, we will prevent the number of damaged motor neurons from increasing.
The affected person has lived, approximately in the space of a year before the appearance of the symptoms, a conflict of great devaluation related to the movement. 
What gesture or movement, real or symbolic, did I not do and what should I have done? What move, real or symbolic, am I afraid to make?
“If I move, I die”, “I was wrong to make that decision, to take that step”, “I don't want to go forward, but I will never go back”, “I am afraid of my surroundings”, “I have someone by my side or behind me that I feel like a threat and I prefer not to move”
These situations in which I feel devalued and powerless can be related to school or work colleagues, friends and even to the partner itself. 
That is, with those people who can represent a "competition" for me. “If I compete against that person, I will be defeated”
Likewise, it can activate plaque sclerosis if I am “afraid of falling” down and not being able to get up or that it will cause my death.
It can refer to a real or symbolic fall, such as falling down a ladder, from a building, from a tower or from something that can fall on my head, etc. 
It can also refer to a symbolic fall, such as falling from the category at work, in the company, the fall of a project, the fall of a relationship, etc. 
In addition, with the aggravating circumstance of not being able to return to the place where I was. “I can't get up”, “I can't revive my business”, “I have fallen so low that I won't be able to recover my previous position”, “I won't be able to raise my marriage again”. How can I sink so low?
Similarly, it can refer to having experienced a conflict of lateral movement with threats. Was there any side threat? Have I lived an experience related to having felt displaced and as a consequence I begin to stumble, to lose my step, to lose my rhythm, until I fall because the other has defeated me?
"I was the best and they replaced me with another", "A new classmate came to my class, to my work and he is better than me, I have felt displaced"
Depending on the part of the body affected: Which muscles are damaged? What vertebra does the muscle come from?
Legs: In relation to wanting to flee, to go or not go, to follow or accompany. What or who do I want to run away from? Sometimes, these are very simple and everyday things. For example: before the imminent arrival of a project, a child, a commitment, etc. 
That is, in the face of any circumstance that represents a change, a novelty, an unforeseen event because I am a very structured person, very methodical and I am afraid of not being able to organize my life the way I want.
Arms: In relation to not being able to hold something or reject.
Back and shoulders: In relation to something (a load) that we cannot dodge or avoid.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis mainly affects individuals with excessive self-esteem, powerful, intelligent, bold, who believed they were the best at what they did and, at the same time, inflexible, controlling, perfectionist, very critical of themselves and others and very reluctant to changes that have not been planned or proposed by themselves, because that destroys them, since it implies ceasing to be the best and becoming one more. 
To try to avoid it, they make great efforts to improve themselves, but they think that they are always insufficient and believe that they do not deserve to rest. 
They are very afraid of making mistakes and hardly accept help. “When I feel diminished, I have the feeling that life is crushing me”, “I am afraid of being forgotten”, “I am afraid that they will abandon me”.
It is very important to analyze the family tree in search of a ghost or recumbent with which the affected person has an affinity.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
I give up fighting to be the strongest. I learn to trust myself. I love, accept and value myself as I am.
I am open to interacting with others and receiving their help.