Sunday, 26 September 2021

ARTHRITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is an acute or chronic inflammation of a joint. 90% of those affected are women.
The biological meaning of arthritis is to stop or slow down the movement of a joint so that it can be regenerated more strongly.
It expresses a conflict of self-devaluation linked to movement, at work, in the profession, typical of the location of cartilage tissue.
The pain in arthritis, which usually manifests in the afternoon / night, appears in the repair phase of a conflict of devaluation with criticism and negativity.
Arthritis can be seen as a consequence of serious disrespect for ourselves. "I have felt that I am worth nothing"
The person affected by this disease feels a great devaluation of him and thinks that he has to live through others; it must be others who meet his expectations, those who have to make him happy. 
"I devalue myself and put my happiness in the hands of third parties"
However, on the contrary, she believes that she is not treating her the way she deserves to be treated.
She thinks that they do not help her or that no one asks her if she needs help, or that no one recognizes what she does, nor does they congratulate her or thank her for what she did; rather, on the contrary, what she receives is criticism.
She feels devalued but does not say anything, or react, she thinks it would be worse and she is always waiting for others to guess what she expects.
Due to the dependency she feels, her happiness is based on others being well. That is why she lives in anguish about what they do or what could happen to her loved ones.
Anything that affects others is as if it happened to her. Generally, due to her tendency to her negativity, she thinks something serious is going to happen to them, something bad is going to happen to them and they always live with that stress.
Another emotional conflict that arthritis can cause is when she lives daily in an environment of fights, arguments, offenses, humiliations, etc., and the individual feel that she cannot protect herself, that she is not strong enough to defend herself.
In the same way, if I do not know what place I occupy in life and I place my worth in third parties, either in another person or in something and I suffer some important setback, I can develop arthritis. 
Example: "I am worth nothing without my partner, without my son, without my job, etc."
The person with arthritis is often very critical of himself and others. She focuses on the negative things. 
Nothing pleases her, or satisfies her, or makes her happy, everything is wrong, even herself. 
She does not feel loved nor does she intend to love or show affection for her. She believes that they do not understand her, do not recognize her and do not respect her, when in reality it is only a projection of hers, since that is her real problem; the lack of respect and self-recognition of her.
As a rule, she presents an appearance of calm and docile, but she lives with a great internal anger, which she deeply rejects. 
Probably, to survive her childhood, she had to admit the imposition of her parents to continually please others and suppress her anger.
She may seem weak at times, but she just wants them to feel sorry for her and take care of her. 
She has a tendency to manipulation and does not directly express what she wants or needs. She uses a hint that she expects someone to listen and attend to her.
For example: "... oh... I'm so thirsty..."
Arthritis usually affects those who have difficulty recognizing, seeing and accepting them as they are.
Hard people with themselves who do not allow themselves the right to do what they like and who are always in search of external responsibilities.
Juvenile arthritis: Devaluation conflict. I am living or have lived a situation in which I feel pressured, oppressed, forced, either by my parents, family, colleagues, teachers, etc.
Everyone around me takes me as fearful, cowardly, weak, foolish, etc.
I do not count on anyone who takes me seriously, listens to me, supports me; on the contrary, they criticize and pressure me. 
The people I value do not value me and that happens to me every day.
Juvenile arthritis is a symptom that the young man continually feeds since every day he gets up with the illusion that the situation will change, but when the evening arrives (which is when his symptoms, inflation, pain, etc. increase) he runs into the stark reality that your loved ones continue to devalue you and you live in a vicious circle.
And it is that, in reality, his symptoms will not disappear until he learns to value and love himself.
Arthritis of the fingers: It is a process of repairing a conflict of devaluation with criticism and negativity.
On the fingers this criticism is directed at something we "do" or that we would like to do.
Also the fingers symbolize contact, caress, and sensitivity.
"I shouldn't have done, touch, caress..."
Very deep devaluation conflict in relation to work.
Guilty movement: "I blame myself for not taking care of my mother, for not protecting her."
Direction conflict: which will affect the adrenal glands: where am I going, towards my mother or towards my husband?

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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

ALZHEIMER, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is a neurodegenerative disease that affects different areas of the brain.
It is characterized by a loss of immediate or short-term memory, with the presence of cognitive impairment and behavioral disorders.
It is the consequence of unresolved repetitive emotional conflicts, experienced in all environments (dramatic separations, aggressions, money problems, with a partner, with the children, at work, at home, etc.) that have caused numerous scars even a level so great that he has not been able to bear it.
The Alzheimer's patient has not only experienced strong emotional impacts, but these have been repeated for many years. They have had an emotionally dramatic life. 
Biologically, these conflicts have produced damage to brain tissue and as a consequence, numerous scars have appeared that impede the normal functioning of the brain.
The affected person has suffered his whole life and has never been able to express it.
He has hidden true emotions, perhaps due to his upbringing or his religious ideas or to avoid hurting or offending those around them.
People around him have always thought that he is a strong, mature, stable, cheerful, very good person, incapable of hating, saying a bad word, complaining or raising his voice.
However, within him there is a fragile, vulnerable person with many fears and, especially, he feels dread that others realize his vulnerability, that he cannot continue to pretend, that inside him he can no longer bear so much burden and that is giving up.
Emotionally, he refuses to see life as an option because it has been very difficult for him and, little by little, he will forget who he is, so that it no longer hurts.
The disease has exposed him. The only biological function by which a person can have Alzheimer's is because his mind wants to forget what he has experienced and erase it permanently. 
"I no longer want to be wrong, I don't want to think, I don't want to live."
An unconscious solution can be the inability to understand things, the lack of discernment. If I don't understand something, I can't apply a solution to it.
His difficulty in recognizing others is also very eloquent: 
"I cannot recognize others because I myself was not recognized."
In the same way, it is very significant to contemplate the attitude of permanent annoyance in which he moves, he demands himself to do things, to do something, that deep down he does not want to do, until a moment comes when the only solution is to forget about obligations. 
"I want them to be with me, but I don't want to be with them" 
The person who contracts this disease has lived in a constant state of anguish and anger.
She (she feels desperate because she does not know how to accept herself, nor is she capable of accepting life as it is).
The fact of having gone through many difficulties or having felt psychologically very pressured by themselves, by others, or by the intimate coexistence with an overwhelming and dictatorial person or by a depletion of energy as a consequence of a very active life in which they have had to make many decisions and have assumed many responsibilities, they have served as causes for the individual to despair and seek protection from their environment, as well as an unconscious revenge, through a pathology such as Alzheimer's with which the contact with reality is blocked by the loss of his conscious faculties.
This disease can also manifest itself at a time when the patient has lost something to which he was much attached: "Conflict of separation".
It can be the loss of contact with someone or the symbolic separation of their youth, power, success, beauty, etc.
As a consequence, they believe that their life is collapsing because the foundations are missing and, unconsciously, they cut off their relationship with the world and refuse to take responsibility for their life, forcing others to assume their own responsibilities.
In short, it is like a regression on the bodily, psychic and spiritual plane towards childhood.
If I have not experienced something related to the above, I have to look in the Sense Project (period that elapses from a few months before conception to three years) the true story of my parents, what they thought and felt, how was my conception, I must find stories related to lack or absence of recognition, not wanting to see the reality of things, wanting to give up, etc. 
I also have to find out if my mother had a similar experience during her pregnancy and I have inherited it.
If I do not find the origin either, I have to look in my genealogical tree and find out from my ancestors if someone lived tortuous, dramatic, helpless and misunderstanding experiences (murders, suicides, mental illnesses, escapes, etc.) and by affinity with him, I have inherited it.

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