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ACNE, Spiritual meaning:

This type of rash often appears in adolescence. 
The body parts that tend to be affected are the face and sometimes the neck, shoulders and back.
Most often it manifests itself in the face. 
The face is what confronts us into the world, that part of each person that others see first, and through which it is accepted or rejected.
The face represents our identity, the image we have of ourselves. Acne that manifests the problems the adolescent has with his/her external appearance, with his/her image, that is to say, his/her identity.
He/she has been able to live a conflict of confusion about who he/she is or what role does it play in his/her family and in society. 
There might be a confusion by writing his/her name on an important document or that people call him/her a different name as he or she is called, or perhaps someone in the family does not recognize him/her, perhaps because he/she has done something different from what is traditional in that family or it may be that he/she is repeatedly confused with someone else, as can happen to the twins, etc.
Attack on the face = attack on my image, my identity.
"I feel attacked by my own image, by the comments of the people, mocking, etc”
It is a conflict of dirt and aesthetic devaluation.
Or maybe because he/she does not feel supported.
"I am completely devalued and I feel unprotected by not being like everyone else and not feel as beautiful as the others”
Indicates that he/she does not fully accept the image he/she sees, is not satisfactory, considering it either ugly or because it draws too much attention. 
Also shows his/her tendency to compare with others and to lose value; in short, it expresses the difficulty that has to love himself/herself as he/she is.
"I've become really ugly".
"I do not like people and I do not like myself”
Acne can also occur in adolescents with low self-esteem, they do not know love themselves and try to be or not to be, as someone else to please a family member. 
Acne indicates that he/she is being criticized.
In adolescence also emerges in a new desire that tries hard to get a place in human consciousness: sexuality.
This impulse always gives us a conflict, on one side it attracts us, and on the other, gives us some fear:
"I show my hormones, I display I'm ready to have sex".
"I'm afraid not to be sexually attractive".
"I want to keep being the child in the house".
"I do not want responsibilities for now".
This problem of a personality that is not yet formed, that doubts itself, which lacks confidence and maturity and invade shyness and fear of the others. 
From his/her judgment and his/her gaze, it results in acne.
Adolescent skin becomes inflamed, oiling because there is a new energy that wants to leave, but he/she tries to stop it.
Through acne we try to protect ourselves from the outside world, because acne helps us to be indifferent to attacks and aggressions. We get ugly to choose the other. 
Shame about one's sexuality becomes shame by grains.
Acne can be a way to avoid contact with others, a contact that despite the need we feel , inspires fear to us.
In girls it may be due to a conflict of devaluation of the feminine (vulnerable) versus male (decision, success, security) for a trauma to the mother.
Acne on the upper back and shoulders:
"I am alone".
"No one supports me".
"Everyone is against me".
Acne on the buttocks:
"No one will notice me".
"Nobody will want me this way".
"Nobody likes me".
Acne Rosacea: Rosacea is a type of acne that has little to do with common acne. It is not the sebaceous gland acting but capillaries. Acne rosacea is characterized by the appearance of pink spots on the face that can turn into boils and pimples. 
Unlike common acne, acne rosacea does not usually occur in people under 30 years. 
Those who suffer it most are adults, with quite fair skin and especially women who are reaching the age of menopause.
Conflict of stain, attack on one's integrity, conflict of feeling or being disfigured. 
The person feels dirty symbolically speaking. 
He/she could have done something very bad, could have suffered sexual abuse and feel "tainted" could have seen "something dirty". 
Always, there is the feeling of being "dirty" by no longer worth as others, no longer shine, either because others tell us or because we think it.
"You are/I am a pig" or "you are/I'm a shit", “I am/you are incomplete".
"I must remove (from my image, if it comes to the face) all that is negative, dangerous to me and bring good things”.
"I want to eliminate what is dangerous for me, femininity".
"I have to remove from my image what my mother-father looks like".
Clan separation conflict: not being accepted. "I am separated, excluded from the kisses of my clan".
"I must remove my face that gives the impression of being a woman, with being a man".
"I must remove my face that gives the impression of being a man, with being a woman".
Conflict related to alcoholism (own or from someone important).
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  1. Joman, I have acne and i believe it started when I fully knew my dad was an alcoholic. And when you put conflict related to alcoholism, I dont get it can you explain that part to me?

  2. Hi, you can find information about alcoholism on the label ADDICTIONS.

  3. I’m astounded by the accuracy of these energetic meanings and significance. I’ve read several and automatically see how the physical result / symptoms matches the core issue at hand or the issues which have occurred already. Very valuable insights. Thank you for everything. Much love to you and yours.