Monday, 21 November 2016

ALZHEIMER, Emotional and metaphysical causes:

Multiple repetitive unresolved conflicts, lived in all domains (money, family, work, home ...) causing
 multiple scars to a level that was unbearable.
Conflict of not being able to understand things. 
If I do not understand something, I cannot apply a solution.
Conflict of lack of recognition: 
"I cannot recognize others because I myself was not recognized".
Conflicts with memories too hard (murders, suicides, heavy losses...).
Conflicts of annoyance: constantly required to do something you do not want to do until the only solution is to forget the obligations. 
"I want them to be with me, but I do not want to be with them".
Conflicts of separation and aggression.
The person who contracted this disease has lived in a constant state of anxiety and anger. 
(You feel desperate because he/she cannot be accepted, nor is it able to accept life as it is).
The fact of having gone through many difficulties or have psychologically felt very pressured by themselves, others, or the intimate coexistence with an overwhelming and dictatorial person or a depletion of energy as a result of a very active life in which they have had to make many decisions and have assumed many responsibilities, have served as causes for the individual despair and seek protection of their environment, while revenge, through a disease like Alzheimer's with that contact with actually it is blocked by the loss of his/her conscious faculties.
It can also manifest the disease at a time in which the patient has lost something that was very attached to: "separation conflict". 
It may be the loss of contact with someone or symbolic separation from his/her youth, power, success, beauty, etc. 
As a result they believe that their life is falling apart because it lacks the foundation and unconsciously cut the relationship with the world and refuse to take responsibility for their lives, forcing others to assume their own responsibilities.
In short, it is like a regression in physical, mental and spiritual plane to childhood.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Once this malaise has developed, it is very difficult back to top due to the refusal of the affected to be healed, what is perfect reaching these ends, it is the act of prevention.
The best prevention for this serious disease is detachment from material things and look for the connection to our true power, with the inner divinity.
Assuming that we can also continue being an important and loved person, even if we want no longer to have the responsibility to take care of everything, and remember everything.
Let the past go and live here and now. 
Relax. Assume death. 
Back to being like a child.
It should be paid close attention to the loss or significant weakness of memory usually seen as a mechanism of protection against suffering caused by unwanted separation.

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