Saturday, 1 December 2018

ARMS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The arms have to do with our capacity and ability to act, work, hug people, accept and embrace the life experiences "with open arms".
They also reflect our behaviour, our way of expressing ourselves, our value and our worth; we hit , we protect, cherish, we hold, all with them.
If a problem with them appears, it means we have an emotional conflict in which we do not feel comfortable with any emotional situation or a circumstance at work or orders we received in our work.
For example, when we are afraid to do something, some task or the consequences that it can bring to us.
Also, when it is impossible to carry out any action relating to our family or professional level. 
Like when we feel guilty when we realize our inability to hug our loved ones; or when we're sad and sorry because we did not feel useful at work and we lack of confidence in our abilities; these tensions will manifest themselves in our arms through pain or trauma.
When we are tired of something or someone and do not want to admit it, our arms do not receive stimuli from the mind and leads us to pain and suffering, without realizing that only us, with our attitude, or in this case, rather, with our laziness, we have caused it. 
"I do not like that they approach to me, or hug me". 
"I do not like this job". "It bothers me how my boss gives me orders".
"I do not feel qualified to do this job".
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
When the capacity of movement of our arms is reduced, when the pain prevents us from lifting, it is a sure sign that it is time to start acting. 
We must not get carried away by the resistance of the mind and take action with confidence. 
The existence will give us the necessary. 
Although the time is difficult, it is our duty to go forward; dive into life for the future to be happier.
We must learn to forgive ourselves, to forgive others and joyfully embrace the experiences that life gives us. 
With this attitude, our inner Being is softened, becomes more communicative, and we will be more willing to support and also protect others and embrace without retaining.
"We need to understand that life always present us what we need to live in each moment".
"We must understand that if we do not like our work, we can see other options".
"It's good for us to be open to give and receive love from others".
"We need to trust our ability to perform any task". 

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