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ASTHMA, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

Its appearance is intermittent. 
It manifests as breathlessness, accompanied by whistles, presented to breathe making it difficult and painful, while inspiration is easy and quick.
People with asthma is because they are living an emotional conflict over their territory, either home or family.
Flare-ups, or asthmatic crisis, may indicate that the person lives in a stifling environment (living in a relative's home in a room with no privacy, etc.) in which there are people or situations that make you feel uncomfortable, pressured and do not know how to handle the situation. 
Somehow, asthma is like a "cry for help" that states that are not satisfied with the surrounding environment that feels attacked, suffocated or drowned by a person or dominant position and expels their suffering through asthma.
"The space I need is not imposed on me, does not serve me and I do not want it” 
Conflict of threat in the territory: fights, disputes among family members.
Conflict of crowds: many people living in the same house.
"I'd like a large, bright room” 
"I choke" ... 
"I prefer my air to that of others” 
"I refuse to breathe their air”
Bronchial asthma: It is a constellation (because the emotional impacts in the brain, appear as "stars or spots" in brain studies) in which simultaneously two emotional conflicts arise, but one of them is "solved" and the other "remains dormant" in the left hemisphere, (has not been released, settled, released, etc.).
Conflict: I want and do not want to preempt the space around me.
Fear that they invade my territory. 
I do not feel in my territory. 
Someone breaks into my territory. 
There is danger, someone will come into my territory. Fear within my territory.
Laryngeal asthma: When a person has laryngeal asthma is because he/she is living a conflict of panic and fear. 
Any situation at home or with his/her family keeps him/her permanently scared. 
His/her bronchial tubes are damaged because he/she makes the effort to let air in (life), but feels very afraid.
"This love suffocates me" 
"I am unable to breathe alone" 
"I have all my tears repressed".
Children asthma: When a child has asthma, we should analyze the relationship between their parents, wrapped in continuous fights and screams that make the child will never feel safe.
In many cases, it corresponds to people who once conceived, they feel the rejection by a parent, that is to say, they feel from the womb of his/her mother coming to a world where they will not be welcome.
"Fear of life"
"I would not be here"
As a result, they grow up with the feeling of not receiving enough affection, it is why the asthmatic tries to absorb too much air and choking himself/herself is provoked.
For the Eastern countries, it is considered a karmic problem of behaviour, that the individual had not been able to integrate and returns to earth to solve it.
In the asthmatic, he/she finds several problems that must be faced, first, to the imbalance between "take" and "give” 
They are usually people who struggle to give because they are afraid of not receiving in return and always want to receive, either money, affection, knowledge, etc .; though they do not know how to enjoy what they get.
Secondly, the issue that arises in the asthmatic is the refusal to accept their own areas of "shadow". 
He/she is afraid to admit certain aspects of life, such as: sexuality, incestuous desires, aggression, dust, animal contact, etc. to which considers as "dirty" and impure, and defended rejecting them. 
He/she is closed to keep out anything new and thus is isolated from life.
The next problem is asthmatics do not recognize their desire for domination and manipulation. 
He/she uses his/her symptoms to exercise power over everything around him/her. 
He/she does not allow animals near him/her, no dust, no dirt, no flowers, no one to smoke in his/her presence, etc. 
If you call attention to his/her desire of domination or struck up an argument with him/her, he/she always resort to their symptoms to blackmail us.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The asthmatic needs to take the courage and anger that lodges in his/her chest and face it without running away defensively. 
If he/she can stay attached to the floor and let out the fear and anger that causes the isolation in which he/she is immersed, he/she can release his/her inner pain and desire to connect with others and learn to love himself/herself, he/she will no longer be criticized and may open to life. 
Only if we accept life as it is, we are prepared to live it.
Asthmatics must balance both "give and take".
If we love, we will be loved. From what we have sown, we collect. Only giving, we can receive.
You must honestly admit your fears, not avoid the causes of fear until you can accept and integrate them as useful part of your life.
A symptom is an invitation to deal with some aspect of our being that we have neglected.
Become aware of it honestly is the only alternative for integration.
Who is genuine and recognizes that everything is in everything and lives in accordance with the inner truth itself, whatever it is, without betraying himself, can freely build his/her life.

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