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BRONCHIAL TUBES, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Bronchi represent my living space, my boundaries, the territory more particularly linked to my partner, my family and my professional environment.
The ulceration (loss of cells) of the walls of the bronchi, allows the entrance of more air, preparing a better answer to the conflicts that occur in the territory. 
It gives us more space.
When we hit the bronchi means that we have lived or are living a situation where we felt our territory threatened, or that we ourselves have felt threatened within our territory. 
It could happen that we have fought with someone in our house or in our work, but not necessarily a shouting struggle, just that someone has done us a comment that is annoying and we have been quiet, to turn on a disease in the bronchi. 
Therefore, any symptoms we have to analyze: fights, arguments, differences of opinion, annoying advice they have given us, annoying requests we have ordered, etc. 
It is situations have sought to defend our ideas, principles, freedom, customs or tastes, in front of someone and we have not achieved.
Bronchitis: Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi.
We have lived in, smothering, conflicting family atmosphere with fights, screams and where there have been people or situations that we did not feel comfortable and somehow we have been attacked. 
We have not digested internally, we did not like it, has caused us great harm, but we have retained our painful thoughts and we have not expressed verbally. 
As a result we have lost the taste for life and have fallen into an inner state of weariness and dejection. 
We have internal needs but we do not express them.
Bronchitis expresses the oppression or discomfort we feel because of the people around us or the environment in which we are engaged.
Threatened territory or fear of being upset, unable to evolve in the territory.
"I removed the air, my living space is threatened and I can hardly breathe”
"I feel invaded”
Fights, disputes in the territory.
"In the atmosphere there are so many fights that I can hardly breathe”
"Conflict of fear for the territory”
"From threat of loss of emotional territory” 
Example: a girl suffering from bronchitis on the right side after her grandmother resumed a loving relationship with another granddaughter, with whom contact had not kept any for a long time. 
She felt that her grandmother would no longer like her as before.
Muscles of the bronchi: conflict for fear of not being able to flee or attack.
Lining of the bronchi: Conflict of separation, fear of being separated in the territory.
"I threaten the territory and I'm afraid of..”
"The space I have, and I do not want to close the space imposed on me”
If what dominates is fear, it will be affected bronchus on the left side.
If what prevails is the part emotional territory, the bronchus on the right side will be affected.
People suffering from bronchitis usually have a competitive attitude in life, can be very susceptible and irritable and so, through the roaster which is an aggressively expression expelled outside all that does not like or is it uncomfortable.
"I reject the intruder, a stranger, to the authority”
Any inconvenience or difficulty, resulting in bronchitis.
Bronchial cancer: "Threat of the unity of the couple”
Bleeding in the bronchi: "I want to leave this family," or "I want a family member to leave”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
These people need to change the way they relate to the outside world and with others. 
They need to prepare for conflict and struggle in the verbal level, need courageously accept the challenges and stop having a competitive attitude.
They need to realize that it is almost impossible to find a family in which all members agree always. 
Typically, everyone has their own beliefs and live life their way.
The person suffering from bronchitis must learn to live his/her life as he/she pleases, without being influenced by others and find and assert its own territory without feeling guilty.

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