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CANCER, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

Cancer, until today, is still one of the most important unfinished business for scientists. 
They have dedicated themselves to the study huge amounts of resources with little therapeutic results.
For now, it remains as the most important health threat of our age and the disease that causes more fear to us.
But what is cancer?
Cancer begins in cells, which are the basic units that make up our tissues. Tissues make up the organs of the body.
Normally, cells grow and divide to form new cells as the body needs them. 
When cells grow old, they die, and new cells take their place. Now this division of cells is a process that our body usually keeps very well controlled and regulated so that cells divide only when needed.
Sometimes, this orderly process goes wrong. 
At one point the body sees as its cells in ever greater numbers, they change their minds and alter their behaviour. 
They give the activity they were assigned to service a particular organ as finished and therefore the service of a larger organism (body) and begin to develop their own goals. 
Uncontrolled cell growth makes a more or less compact cell mass is formed, this is called tumour mass.
When cells that constitute the tumour do not possess the ability to invade and destroy other organs, we speak of benign tumours. 
But when these cells grow uncontrollably in addition to suffer new changes and acquire the ability to invade surrounding tissues and organs is called malignant tumour or cancer.
Therefore, cancer is the name given to the overgrowth of a group of cells as a result of having lost its normal control mechanisms.
Cancer arises as a result of a personal tragedy, from an emotional trauma or emotional high intensity that has caught the person completely off guard and, moreover, their education, their fears, their beliefs, etc. rather, it lives in isolation inside, keep it within himself/herself, without sharing with people around. 
Such trauma will affect, gradually, the whole psychological structure of the individuals and impair their ability to experience the joy of living. 
Cancer therefore represents the destruction of our inner equilibrium structure. 
Obviously, all this psychological process is unconscious, buried and painless, at least initially. 
In the early stages, the patient does not notice anything because they do not feel any pain that gives the alert. 
The feeling that pervades it is sadness that slowly and quietly, it will undermine and destroy the consciousness and the body, but not seen from outside. 
The worse it is the general state of the person can be more easily affected. Therefore, to cancer formation occurs, giving have three causes:
a) Having previously experienced a strong conflict-separation of the couple, death of a loved one, unexpected job layoff, accident, etc.
b) That the immune system does not function properly.
c) He/she has lived in solitude.
The nature of emotional conflict determines the location of the cancer:
a) Stomach cancer: Something cannot be accepted or digested. The patient feels sad, bitter, anxious and loses interest in life because he/she feels that people hurt.
b) Cancer of the cervix: Important sexual conflicts with the couple.
c) Breast cancer: Conflict of emotional break with the couple, with a child or someone who is considered as such.
d) Bone Cancer: Conflict of self-devaluation, etc.
The time development of cancer according to Dr. Hamer:
a) Bronchial cancer: approximately 18 months
b) Cancer of the cervix: 12 months
c) Ovarian cancer: 5-8 months
d) Cancer of the uterine corpus: 5-7 months
e) Breast cancer: 2-3 months
f) Lung cancer: 7 months
After these periods, cancer can be detected in the body.
In summary we could say that cancer is caused by a blockage of the body's own defences as a result of a psychic conflict. 
Cancer develops as long as the emotional conflict. 
So when the person can fully resolve the conflict, whether he/she has been aware of the correlation as if he/she has not been, cancer remains inactive and the person regains his/her health. 
Otherwise, the body cannot complete their work of self-healing.
Emotional and psychological characteristics of cancer patients:
The cancer patient suffered in childhood lack of love and security. He/she remained difficult relations with one parent or both. 
He/she saves in the depths of the guts a painful secret that corrodes him/her, a deep wound he/she suffered in his/her childhood in isolation (emotional deprivation or rejection) and cannot or will not heal. 
He/she lives accompanied by a great feeling of guilt for having harboured thoughts of hatred and revenge ideas and unable to forgive and forgive. 
Unconsciously repressed aggressiveness; finds undue hardship to unleash his/her creative energy to develop and maintain meaningful and lasting relationships.
Tends to develop feelings of loneliness as a result of which believes that his/her life is affection.
He/she often feels unable to resolve deep-seated emotional problems. He/she prefers not to be aware of his/her existence.
Feels fear. He/she is deeply scared of negative events. When faced with an unexpected traumatic experience, it reacts adversely and cannot face it.
He/she has difficulty expressing their inner pain. 
He/she tends to suffer in silence, so does not get relief from their situation. He/she has the feeling that there is no outlet to heal the pain he/she is feeling.
Lives lost in a permanent state of despair, sadness, grief, anger and hostility; though outwardly others consider him/her charming, sedate, pleasant, helpful and so nice people.
His/her deepest conflict is his/her lack of identity. "I'm not who I want to be"
So is the need to always make the best impression to others. For him/her the appearance is more important than the Self.
Therefore he/she cannot be denied, does not know how to say "no", obeys without question and follows the rules and standards established totally.
The one affected of cancer cannot be considered as a religious person in a profound sense, even though many cling to customs or religious traditions, and may even criticize and reject God for what he/she lived.
He/she does not accept his/her illness and confronts it from a spiritual point of view; rather feeling despair, helplessness and self-pity to living with resignation. 
Others are preparing to combat it and cooperate with their doctors, undergoing them, many times, hard and dangerous treatments, relying on their will to live.
Due to the lack of faith that he/she has of himself/herself, he/she establishes dependency relationships with other people or things, a job, a marriage, a house, a significant role, etc.
If for any reason -death, retirement, separation, transfer- this relationship breaks down, the patient feels helpless, surrenders and sees himself/herself as a victim. What is what he/she does not want to see die? (Old age, work ...)
Unable to face such a conflict enters a state of despair that makes him/her lose consciousness and connection with life, making fertile ground for the tumour.
Cancer is like a self-punishment that seems definitive, unconscious of his/her failure in life test.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
This is not about to start a war against cancer, but rather we must understand, become aware of the conflict that triggered the disease and cope creatively, taking responsibility for our healing. 
The cancer patient needs to get moving, change dramatically, grow and promote his/her development. 
He/she needs to assume his/her own responsibility, take charge and not allow the others to be the ones who make decisions for him/her. However, it is necessary to continue to maintain contact with others. In times of distress and discouragement it is very important for the patient to feel the emotional and psychological support from family and their environment.
You need to learn to defend yourself, to say "no" to rebel against the entrenched rules, skip the barriers and limits that imprison and suffocate. 
Must live life fully, accepting and expressing the polarity of existence in all things.
On the other hand, he/she needs to externalize his/her aggressiveness and stimulate his/her vitality and creativity. 
He/she has to find again the taste for life, the joy of living. 
Besides, he/she has to get rid of what has caused sadness and regain the enthusiasm for life.
But first he/she must pass through the stage of acceptance, an acceptance based on confidence in himself/herself and in existence. He/she is discovering the meaning of life, feeling the oneness with all that exists, learning to question our desire to differentiate from each other and learning to live as part of life and feeling that the good of existence and our good , is the same.
The bridge that leads us to feel this way of life is love. Love heals because it saves all barriers and leads to Unity. 
The means to achieve excellence is forgiveness. 
Forgive others and forgive the child who lives in us, who lived in silence and felt rage and anger in solitude, without having someone at his/her side to support and understand him/her.
Questions to ponder: What aspects did I fail in? 
What is what I blame so deeply? 
Why do I punish and condemn myself? 
How and why I stopped growing my way?

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