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CONSTIPATION: emotional and spiritual meaning:

Constipation is considered when stool remains in the intestine for too long and the rate of bowel movement decreases in a variable way, with hard and dry stools, and difficult elimination of them.
Constipation appears due to the excessive absorption of water in the intestine. Water always refers to the mother (the first reference, we come from the liquid medium of our mother's uterus).
Having constipation speaks of a vulnerable, spiteful, dependent, nervous, apprehensive, worried person, etc. These people tend to focus their attention on negative events in the past and allow themselves to be affected by them.
Constipation from retaining something dirty: I lived something that I refused to forget to forgive, to release, to let go and my mind has related it to not wanting to release a piece of shit, I don't let go of my shit, "I don't forgive that" "I don't forget that", " I will not let go of that filth", " I want to retain...“, “I do not want to forgive...; I want to keep in myself”, "I can't keep the person I love"
What crap I don't want to let go of? 
It can be something real or symbolic. To find out, I have to review my family, social, work, romantic relationships, etc.
I must look for betrayals, disappointments, manipulations, infidelities, broken promises, lies, deceptions, people who hurt us, etc. and they are things that we keep remembering and ruminating on, that is, we keep turning it over and over in the mind daily.
Constipation is also related to the concept of "fear of letting go", due to the refusal to abandon old ideas.
I was educated under strict order and cleanliness and I must not mess with my filth" "I cannot change my culture, I cannot adapt to the new", "I feel trapped, blocked, enslaved, dominated”
Constipation is accompanied by a stubborn attitude of continuing to cling to a situation, despite knowing that nothing good can come from it.
"I have to continue with this, even if I know that I will not like it", "I do not know how to continue", "This will not get better, but I will not let it", "I want to save, control everything in my own way"
It also expresses greed and stinginess. This person has a hard time giving and tries at all costs to retain and preserve his things, to hold onto his material goods in case he ever needs them, because "a bird in hand is better than a hundred flying."
Even if at some point she feels obliged to give something, she will give it so as not to feel guilty, but internally she will not feel satisfied, because she always prefers to keep it to herself.
In the same way, there are other experiences that cause constipation, for example: those people who are still waiting for the love of her mother. 
The lack of water (symbol of the mother) in her feces is equivalent to the longing for the mother. "I want to keep my mother's love", "I can't detach myself from my mother", "I'm still waiting for my mother's love"
A mother who feels guilty about taking care of her children can also suffer from constipation. "My children are not well, it is my fault"
Constipation can occur due to a conflict of fear of "not being able to eliminate the piece, the bite". 
Example: a house, land, a car, etc., that we have put up for sale and that cannot be sold. "I cannot direct this that is mine; I cannot give it a way out"
You can also suffer from constipation after an identity conflict in the territory or due to a separation conflict. 
Example: when someone feels isolated in her work, in her community, association, etc. "I feel separated from my territory", "I don't have a specific place in my territory", "I don't know who I am within the territory", "I can't mark this territory as a leader, my father is the leader" my city, my country"
Traveler's constipation: It occurs when travelling. It tends to affect women much more than men.
I have problems in my territory, home, work, office, etc. I am not at home and I cannot mark the territory.
Hirschsprung's disease: Congenital constipation.
"It is absolutely necessary to retain, to keep in me, in my life, a very indigestible and very despicable piece and, furthermore, I feel powerless and submissive."
If none of the above conflicts are related to me, I have to review my family tree and see if any of my doubles were the one who lived them and I am repeating the program. I also have to look for stories of babies abandoned, given away, given up for adoption, as well as stories related to abandonment in the clan, with people who fled the clan or abandoned the clan.
I also have to review my Sense Project and find out if my mother or father experienced some of these emotional conflicts prior to conceiving me. In the same way, I must find out if they suffer from constipation, because they may have projected into me the belief that it is necessary to "to hold back".

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