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DIARRHEA, Spiritual and metaphysical meaning:

Defecating in an increased frequency with liquid or semi-liquid stools.
The sense of suffering from diarrhea is to quickly eliminate wastes, leftovers, "dirty plays".
Water is always related to our "referents" and "Mom".
Conflict of small “dirty play” that must be eliminated urgently.
Conflict of minimums, lack of kindness.
On the physical plane, diarrhea occurs because the body rejects the food before you can digest what you need and what is good for you.
In the mental and emotional plane of the affected ones, is the same. It is very difficult to assimilate and accept what comes from the outside by having an excessively critical spirit. 
The affected is very saturated with information, data, experiences, but not entertained to study analytically, to assimilate, to extract the useful, but (he/she) rejects undigested, like food; As the food came out.
If I don't know how to say "enough", if I can't say "no", when they give me information, an order, a meal ... the intestine refuses to digest and everything comes out the same way it came in.
"I cannot say NO to what angers me”
Diarrhea is a way of not integrating the reality that is taking place, a desire to escape, to avoid a situation (wish it was over even before it started) a refusal to assimilate a toxic considered experience, "a trick" and whether out of fear or because it is totally unacceptable.
"I do not accept the unacceptable". 
"I've swallowed something bad that I do not want to digest". "I've eaten some crap".
Someone or something that have hurt our feelings (lack of kindness conflict) and we are angry and outraged.
For example, when I do something for someone or try to help them and that person, instead of returning my help or thanking me, treats me badly, deceives me or betrays me. 
I mean, I give him my best and I get trash, "shit", that's how he pays me. 
It can also be caused by fear or the desire to avoid or run away from a totally unpleasant or new situation or reality for me. A lot of new ideas come to me and I don't have time to integrate them. I have the impression that life demands too much of me and I am afraid of not being up to the task, of not being able to do it well and therefore of being rejected. I have fear in my guts! I reject myself, I blame myself and I am desperate!
Another cause that can cause diarrhea is when I feel "examined" by someone or I am examining or controlling someone so that they do not deceive me, so that they do not betray me.
If it affects the thyroid (loose stools) diarrhea also expresses an eagerness, a desire to kill something about life itself: (acceleration of peristalsis). Desire to speed things up.
"I want to end once and for all that”
"I must have it all finished before to start”
Diarrhea in babies: "The food is toxic".
This type of diarrhea occurs when the baby perceives a bad relationship with the mother. 
An altered, angry, upset mother, who rejects, etc. 
And therefore she does not give the child the love that he/she requires at that time. It's not the food, it is the attitude of the mother.
Diarrhea of ​​the traveller: Conflict of wanting to be cleaned of the new thing by being too clinging to its territory and way of life.
Diarrhea in children: "I am afraid".
This type of diarrhea is common prior to this examination, a vacation, an artistic presentation, etc. 
In most cases we should analyze the activity that the child will perform the next day or in later hours, the child may be afraid of failing, to lose, not doing well, etc. "I have not assimilated all the knowledge I needed"
Diarrhea is a process of healing emotional conflict of disgust, fear, anger.
Symbolically, he/she wants to express: "At last I get crap out from my body”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
By diarrhea we must become aware of our lack of self-esteem. We must learn to nurture good thoughts, to love and to feel worthy of all good. 
We must become aware of our fault finding and learn to observe things without prejudice.
We must recover the flexibility to watch the events, hear what is said to us before answering, and take time to absorb the benefits of a situation and allow things that should happen actually to happen.

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  1. Thanks so true i had a bab one took me a day to recover
    Good lesson

  2. I have been having diarrhea dreams twice now and yes most of the things explained here I am aware of like fear of poverty, things not going as I hoped they would, negative energy

  3. Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written. health in the bible

  4. Thank you so much for this text. It gave me explanations that I needed, tips and also kindness. Very grateful, I feel better now. I couldn't understand the meaning of diarrhea and it's exactly what you wrote.

  5. Thank you very much very accurate

  6. I have had 2 handy husbands and we have flipped probably 20 houses. . . Each time whenever we would make a mess, I would get diarrhea. Even when I was disgusted about something like a dead mouse, Immediately I would feel my stomach want to empty. This explanation makes so much sense, since I am a bit of a princess who does not feel worthy of this mess.I do believe I am worthy of better, which I suspect is why I have such disgust! Maybe I need to work on accepting my temporary situation better?

  7. Yeah so someone called me for a date and totally ditched me and I had diarrhea