Monday, 7 January 2019

FACE, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

The face is the first part of the Being that one presents to the world and according to its people will tell judgments and form impressions about what kind of person we are and even if we are pleasant or not.
Through face, we do not only show our outward appearance, but also express many feelings, through the eyes and gestures, with the word and breath we express our closed or opened behaviour, whether we are happy or sad, etc. 
Everything we get, what we express and the image of ourselves that we see, all is on the face.
Popular expressions show various aspects of the face as a place of identity or expression.
- "Lose face" it means losing prestige, and indicates a loss of pride or self-esteem.
- "Stand up", "to face", "deal", etc. 
We talk about our courage and inner strength
- "Have good face"
"Show good face" (to be kind); etc.
The problems in the face speak of the difficulties or uncertainties that a person about their identity, a difficulty in accepting the image we see or we think we have.
Face disturbances manifest the feeling of being wounded in the image. 
Like when someone is compromised or when he/she sees his/her image is put into question and receive a "slap in the face".
Accidents with facial injuries manifest a profound questioning of our personal image.
The forehead, symbolically reflects our way of "face", "cope" of "see” ourselves confronting a situation or to someone.
Facial paralysis, feeling of "losing face" to look ridiculous. 
Loss of dignity, being mocked.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The face reflects what we have experienced, our concerns, the way we have behaved and how we have loved. 
Express our happiness and misery.
We should always show our true face, our individuality to find the serenity of our soul.

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