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GALLBLADDER, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped tank in which the bile secreted by the liver accumulates and where is retained, to pour in digestion when necessary. 
It's like a load of aggressiveness that is retained for use at the right time.
Gallbladder does not only participate in physical digestion of food but also has a role in the psychological equivalent digestion of events.
In most of the symptoms associated with bladder, there is a strong feeling of resentment, because "something has happened" within our territory (home, work, city, country, etc.) in relation to how we communicate with others or vice versa and because of this, we are experiencing a great "injustice" of which we cannot defend.
It is a feeling of "I cannot hit ... (In relation to our father/mother, our boss, our partner, etc.)
Therefore, we keep, we stuck that rancour and internalize so that it is blocked, repressed.
Conflict of anger and wrath with feeling of being cheated.
Similarly, it can cause us problems in the gallbladder, the feel we have lost our identity within the territory: 
Conflict of not having the right to do it (to think, say, feel) what you want. I do not know who I am." 
"My opinion is not worthy, I am not longer taken into account”.
Gallstones: Formation of accretions of solid material (stones) in the bile ducts and gallbladder.
Conflict of judgments with bitterness and repressed aggressiveness.
The meaning of a gallstone is to hold bile so it does not come out. 
It may be to not digest something or to curb an excess of bile (bitterness, anger, anger, rancour...) that we do not want to manifest.
Conflicting family situations of loss of territory for not taking decisions. 
"I do not want the other to get angry at me". 
"They're going to think badly about me".
Conflict of rancour with death tonality, in which we are faced with a hard opposition like a stone.
It may also indicate that we are experiencing a conflict of calculation. 
For example, we plan to do something and we end up doing something else, because we misjudged. 
We are very stubborn and we want to have everything calculated, planned and if someone deviates from our goals or we change our decision we take it very badly and we get very angry.
Obsession with planning things. Feeling frustrated if something unplanned arises. Impossibility to evaluate other options. Judge harshly. Not being aggressive.
"I can never make decisions in life"
"It did not go as I wanted"
"I wanted to go there and they stopped me"
"I misjudged"
"This was not calculated"
It mainly affects individuals of sad and embittered character, dissatisfied with themselves, who do not feel recognized or know their "place" in life, they always have something to object and they are prone to sudden attacks of anger. 
"I do not want others to have anger towards me".
Mothers who, by their family obligations, have not been able to give free rein to his/her energy and keep damning judgments and resentments for their lack of freedom are strong candidates to suffer from gallstones.
Intrahepatic bile ducts: They express a sense of lack (food, money, etc.) and cholera.
Extrahepatic biliary: Strong emotion of anger.
Pancreatic ducts: We speak of a feeling of lack coupled with injustice: "The money is there, where he/she would have to go” 
"I feel a strong hatred...”.
”I'll never forgive the idiot who stole my position in the company" 
"I will never forget the betrayal of my partner".
People suffering from gallbladder disorders have a strong desire and a strong tendency to force, use, manipulate and direct others, but find it hard to recognize.
By the gallbladder, we express our ability to see clearly at ourselves honestly, that is, helps us to clarify and discern.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
We must realize that we have a rigid behaviour, to get rid of it. The solution is to stop planning everything in life, let us flow and act according to our desires.
We need to learn to take life and what it offers us with joy and optimism.
Maintain a softer attitude with others.
Learn to see clearly, to discern.
Learn to assess the fairness of responsibility for taking part in a situation.
Positively express repressed moodiness.
Make very violent movements and shouting loudly relieve pain and can prevent stone formation.
Overcoming procrastination and obstacles that stand in the way.
Stop and calculate both desirable actions.

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