Friday, 16 November 2018

GALLBLADDER, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped deposit in which the bile secreted by the liver accumulates and where it is retained, until it is poured into digestion when necessary. 
It is like a charge of aggressiveness that is retained to be used at the right moment.
The gallbladder not only participates in the physical digestion of food but also has an equivalent role in the psychological digestion of events.
On a physical level, it saves the bile that helps in digestion, on an emotional and psychological level it digests, decomposes and destroys aggressiveness, irritation, and bitterness, resentment in front of my life or towards others.
If I have problems with my gallbladder, they warn me that I am living with a grudge for something that has happened within my territory (home, work, city, country, etc.), which has to do with the way I communicate with others or vice versa. 
Because of this, I am experiencing a great "injustice" from which I cannot protect myself or defend myself, because it is related to my father, mother, partner, brother, boss, that is, someone to whom I feel very attached and for that, I must repress my negative emotions. "I can't hit ..."
In the same way, I can have discomfort if I feel that I have lost my identity in my territory, because I do not have the right to think, express my opinion, feel what I want and, in addition, I always have to justify my actions and I perceive that I am being treated unfairly, which leads me to live with a lot of anger and rage. 
"I no longer know who I am", "My opinion is not valid, they no longer take me into account", "I can never make decisions in my life"
I can also present problems if I discover that I have been misled by someone with whom I am very close. "I will never forget my partner's betrayal"
Intrahepatic bile ducts: they express to me that I am experiencing a situation of lack of food, money, etc. and I feel a lot of anger.
Extrahepatic bile duct: it tells me that I am experiencing a strong emotion of anger.
Pancreatic ducts: they tell me about a feeling of lack and I live it with a feeling of injustice: "Money goes there, where it shouldn't go", "I have a strong hatred for...”
People with gallbladder disorders feel a strong desire and a great tendency to force, use, manipulate and direct others, although it is difficult for them to recognize it.
Through the gallbladder, we express the ability we have to see clearly in ourselves with honesty, that is, it helps us to clarify and discern.

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