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HAIR LOSS, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Hair symbolizes freedom and power, that’s why the soldiers cut their hair, a sign that they have been deprived of their freedom and power and that they have been under other authority; also the nuns and monks, when the hair is cut, is a sign that they have voluntarily submitted to a higher authority and have renounced their individuality.
The hair, the hair system in general, in all animal species and in humans, also has primarily a protective function. Protect the body from both physical shocks and heat. 
The fact of losing is an indication that the person gets rid of their protection.
Also, it symbolizes the vitality (Samson and Delilah), physical strength and virility in men. 
The more vitality a person has, the more abundant is his/her hair and faster it grows.
Likewise, it is an element of seduction and attractiveness in women. There is also a close relationship between fears and hair.
In general, hair represents the image I have of myself, the confidence I have in myself and my abilities. 
Every problem in the hair represents I cannot (for whatever reason) be "myself".
If I have hair losses, to the extent of causing baldness, it means I'm living a conflict of separation from my family, besides an intellectual downgrading situation.
Or a separation conflict linked to a notion of stain, waste.
Root problems.
If I'm losing a lot of hair, I analyze why I have fear of "losing something" or "someone". 
Necessarily it is associated with a loss of strength that I am suffering because of my fear of losing what strengthens me.
Maybe I have fear of losing my job or because I'm losing it. Maybe I have fear of losing my husband or I am already missing him. Maybe I have fear or lose my children, etc.
"I lost my roots and I suffer a lot for it”
I can be losing hair for something I did that caused me to lose someone close or something is missing. 
And finally, if I'm losing hair, in short, it means that I am a totally superficial person, attached to material goods and who cares much "what people say". 
I'm used to live from appearances.
The cause of hair loss, cannot be found at the present time. 
To figure it out we must go back in memory a minimum of three months ago and look it at that time.
Baldness is also often manifested in stubborn people, determined and authoritarian men who try to impose their point of view without respect and accept others. 
These are individuals who by their distrust, have the tendency to over control of situations and people. 
They may suffer from some degree of ambition that keeps them very attached to material issues, and of course, they disconnected from the divine energies.
Plucking hair: Devaluation by not being able to grasp things that pass over my head (intellectual level or in relation to the parent).
Psoriasis on the skull expresses us a separation conflict within the family.
Eczema under the hair indicates must be seen, but be discreet.
"I want my work to look, to be recognized, but I hate to draw attention”
Grey hair, dandruff, dry hair, brittle hair or split ends (stye):
If I have any of the above problems in my hair, it means that I lived or I'm living a situation of high stress, helplessness and despair regarding any circumstances of daily life.
Grey hair "I am separated from knowledge".
Dandruff: Dandruff speaks of a separation conflict, accompanied by a sense of injustice. 
If there is hair loss, it is that we live the conflict of the intellectual level.
Lack of recognition of the father. 
Absent father, hard father, indifferent father, castrating father, father cold, dry, father that devalues ​​us.
"My father does not recognize what I do”
"To my father, I do not exist".
"My father always compares me with my brothers”
"I'm not worth as much as others, according to my father”
These are people with low self-esteem and excessive need for recognition. 
They depreciate against the opinions of others.
Dandruff & Hair Loss: we are living in a conflict of separation from our father because of an unfair situation.
Brittle hair: indicates that our deep internal references are not solid.
Excessively dry hair speaks of the "dryness" of our character. Similarly oily hair is what reflect that he/she chewed the cud or their ideas in excess.
In short, the hair is a projection of the individual, their roots, their ideas and their personality. 
It is the carrier of our memories and therefore reflects or expresses our deepest beliefs and our connection to the cosmic energy.

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