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HAIR LOSS, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Hair symbolizes freedom and power, that is why the soldiers have their hair cut, a sign that they have been deprived of their own freedom and power and that they have been under another authority; nuns and monks also, when they cut their hair, it is a sign that they have voluntarily submitted to a higher power and that they have renounced their individuality.
Hair, the hair system in general, in all animal species and in human beings, also fundamentally has a protective function. They protect the body from both physical and thermal shocks. Losing it is an indication that the person is shedding her protection.
It also symbolizes vitality (Samson and Delilah), physical strength and virility in man. The more vitality a person has, the more abundant his hair is and the faster it grows.
In the same way, it is an element of seduction and power of attraction in women. There is also a close relationship between fear and hair.
In general, hair represents the image that I have of myself, the strength, the courage, the confidence that I have in myself and in my abilities. Any hair problem represents that I cannot (for whatever reason) be "myself."
It is a conflict of separation plus devaluation. If I have hair problems it means that something has happened or happens in my life that makes me lose faith in myself, in life, in the Universe and in the future. What situations make me feel unworthy and at the same time separated from something I want or someone I love?
Pulling out hair or eating it: It is almost always linked to authority. It warns me of a conflict of separation linked to another conflict of loss of territory that occurred simultaneously or very close in time. 
These experiences made me feel defeated, weak, and robbed me of my strength, my confidence, my security and I believed that I could not get out of them alone, overcome them alone and I thought that I would never again feel protected, to be happy, to smile, to trust.
In order to find these conflicts and to be able to express and overcome them, I have to search six months before I started pulling my hair out or eating it.
If none of this has happened to me, I have to look at the Sense Project or analyze my genealogical tree in search of an ancestor with whom I have an affinity who has lived them.
Psoriasis on the scalp: Double separation conflict for which I feel unprotected. It has to do with the ideas I have, with my way of thinking or with my convictions.
Brittle hair: indicates that our deep internal references are not solid.
I need to be more in contact with the universe, with the essential, with the spiritual. It affects people who indulge in the needs of others, in such a way that they move away from what is truly important.
It could be said that, in general, they are people who have been very believers and suddenly due to routine worldly commitments, work, etc., they realize that they have forgotten or separated from their spirituality and they break down.
Brittle hair is common in individuals who put their faith, their strength, and their trust in the divine and when faced with an event in life they discover that this divine part did not help them, it did not save them and they are disappointed by it.
It's not fair, I trusted the Universe and it has failed me! Why has God allowed this to happen to me?
Dry hair: It expresses that I feel devalued by someone with whom I live on a daily basis (mother, father, boss, coach, coworker, etc.
It constantly belittles me and makes me feel that I cannot think for myself, that I cannot do things I alone, that I cannot be independent.
Said devaluation dries up my hair, my strength, my joy, my confidence.
"Pay attention to me, if you don't do things the way I tell you, the way I teach you, they won't turn out well, but I love you" Are you going alone? Are you sure you know how to go? Well, okay, I'll accompany you!
Oily hair: Oily hair indicates that something has happened to me in my life that has taken away my strength, but I want to regain it.
My strength slips, something or someone causes me to lose the strength that I have felt: "I do not receive the necessary information from the world to be strong" "I lack knowledge, I feel foolish" "Nobody tells me what I need to know"
If my hair is oily and it is also falling out, it means that I feel the emotional need to regain my skills, my knowledge, my gifts, my abilities.
In short, hair is a projection of the individual, his roots, his ideas and his personality. It is the carrier of our memories and therefore reflects or manifests our deepest beliefs and our connection with cosmic energy.

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    1. Hi @Val Ziya. Coud you please share what you did to help your hair regrow again? I'm losing a lot and I'm trying many things including emotional / energetic approaches. What helped you? Thank you and I'm so happy for you that your hair is growing back!

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