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HEART, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The heart is the main organ of the circulatory system. It is a muscle that works without involving our conscious will, in fact, the heart can beat brainless.
It is like a "bomb" that strongly pushes blood to all parts of the body, however, is not in our power to control the force (palpitations) or speed (arrhythmia, tachycardia).
Symbolically, it is considered the "family home", of which carry the same blood. At a metaphysical level, heart is considered the center of love and is associated with the full range of feelings, from affection, compassion and tenderness, to grief, loss and fear. There are many popular expressions related to this topic:
"Have a big heart," "give something wholeheartedly" (being generous);
"Heartless", "have a heart of stone" (insensitive);
"Breaking one’s heart" (feel a great pity);
"Open one's heart to someone", "speak to the heart in hand" (honest with someone), etc.
So, what do heart diseases transmit to us?
Disorders of the heart and circulatory system are related to the way how we relate and feel about ourselves, if we are able to feel love and express it to others. They can also be associated with the opposite, with hostility and rejection.
When we present a heart problem, it means that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict by failing to defend our territory (real or symbolic): Home, family, couples, children, work, pet, money, salary, friends, etc.
"My ex-wife is taking my house with divorce”
"My children left me”
"I advanced my date of retirement”
"I want to go home to my mother or leave the door open to return to my mother”
Myocardial Infarction: When we present any symptoms in the myocardium, it means that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict regarding our cardiac capacity. We are or have been an athlete and we are no longer active, we have always considered not to have a strong heart.
Devaluation conflict self regards the efficiency of the heart.
"I do not get it; my heart is not strong enough.”
Biological conflict of the territory. Refers to the situation of the individual who has lost his/her scope at the core of the family, business, work, home, his/her car, etc. That is, it is always the place where the individual feels comfortable and at ease. It may be a militant attack on his/her "territory" or he/she can refer to the frustrated desire to direct "his/her" territory or perhaps direct loss of it.
"I lost my business, my house, my partner, etc”
"What the hell! I am at home…"
"I want to be the boss!"
Why have you done this without consulting me?
In the case that an affected person is a biological left-handed, the source may be in a conflict of sexual frustration.
Angina:  It appears when the person has suffered a conflict in "his/her" territory, as in the case of heart attacks, but he/she does not try to solve it, he/she adapts to the conflict.
Pericardium (membrane that protects the heart):
If we the pericardium hurts, it means that we are experiencing a devaluation conflict because we live with the constant fear of a heart attack or a family member suffers a heart attack.
"We must be very careful with my heart”
"Fear of having a seizure”
Conflict of fear related to the heart himself/herself or others.
"I will not tell anything to my mother, I sure caused a heart attack”
Endocardium: "They have broken my heart"
Mitral valve: "I feel unprotected by my partner".
"No male stands up for me”
"I have no one to defend me”
The woman has to assume that the lack of a man beside you will not make her weaker and can move forward without a partner.
Arrhythmia: Altering the normal rhythm of the heartbeat. When bradycardia and tachycardia slows down when we are accelerating.
Healing phase of a conflict of territory and home.
Something important in my life invades my intimate territory "house" or escapes from it. Experience of oppression in relation to orders received from the authority, executed against our desire or will.
The metronome of life is spoiled. Metronome = Metro (as) no (negation) and homo (man). The man does not measure, does not control. Lack of measures, limits, references, father.
Tachycardia: emotional conflict by "false security" of not getting enough love. We are living an experience that makes us think that in the future we will not receive enough love, that we will die soon.
"My kids do not call me often”
"Nobody hugs me”
"Nobody loves me".
"You do not love me".
"They do not love me as before”
When it occurs in women with active sex life, tachycardia may indicate that she does not practice sex enough, "I do not love enough”
Bradycardia: Heart rate is too slow (below 60 beats per minute)
Healing phase of a conflict of territory.
Transgenerational conflict.
It produces a slowdown in the pace in general and within the heart in particular (house, home), so we did not notice too much and go unnoticed.
Conflict of keeping a dead (transgenerational, ghost) within us for being their heirs and guardians.
Conflict with the father.
Ventricular bradycardia: "You have to be dosed, reduce love” It may relate to the need to keep certain family secrets indoors.
Flutters: Heart rhythm disorder. Arrhythmia caused by rapid contractions of the atria. It is a type of tachycardia.
Conflict of direction and security in the house itself.
Competing round and not find a way out. Abnormal rhythms and disorders that prevent me feel safe in my own home.
Ventricles: "I have no room in my house (heart) to meet my father”
Veins of the heart: I have a problem in the coronary veins states that are suffering or have suffered a significant loss of territory and specifically in any "heart" matter.
It may also indicate a biological conflict of sexual frustration, due to the absence of relations or not belong to any man sexually.
"I want to remove (my partner, my family, life ...) anything improper”
"I see myself deprived of carnal knowledge”
"My partner left me”
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