Wednesday, 27 November 2019

HEMORRHOIDS, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are the effects of dilated veins in the rectum and anus. They are often associated with constipation.

They indicate a pressure created by emotional states and fears that we do not want to display or of which we speak. Haemorrhoids tell us about what one is "forced" in a situation, as has to be forced to pass stool. 
We feel obliged to do something we cannot deliver, such as accepting a situation that displeases us, strive to do a job we do not like, etc. 
We demand too much and force ourselves to finish what we do, because of material insecurity and difficulty making decisions.

When we are under a great pressure, under excessive commitments that we do not know how to "deny" and we are so overloaded that we can no longer bear; we are exposed to "explode" at any time.

At the biological level, we know for example that the first thing many animals do when they find is smell each other’s anus. 
This is no accident, since with this act animals know each other's identity, gender, hormonal status, etc.

Conflicts within the territory of identity: Who am I? 
"I do not know what identity I have” 
"My family does not recognize me” 
"Others leave me aside” 
"Nobody cares about me”

Conflict of separation and loss within the family itself.

"I do not know what is my role in this family, in this house, in this clan".

Conflict of rancor within the territory by a dirty play someone made us but we cannot forget nor forgive. 
We can normally live in the present, pretending that experience was forgotten, but something keeps us within us, live with it, we cannot forget it.

"I do not want to forgive, I keep it”

On the other hand, we know that stool is a way of marking territory in the animal kingdom (defecate marks in a territory), and for humans, unconsciously, is too.

Where is my place? 
"I find my place, I'm in". 
"I need to score, find my site, have roots and not swim between two waters". 
"I'm on the edge, my place is not within this territory” 
"I do not know where is my place” 
"I am separated from my site" “I am forced to put my ass in another seat”

Fear of being abandoned by the mother or not done mourning for the mother. 
I do not want to go home (blood family), it sucks to get home and...

Internal haemorrhoids: "Here I cannot let go of the piece (the dirty play that someone made me and I still feel), it is not my territory".

Haemorrhoids in pregnant women: What will be my place now that my son/daughter is coming to the world?

What will be my identity?

Do I continue being the wife of my husband or mother of my child?

The mother needs to adapt her life to this new situation and stress manifests itself in this way in some cases.

Another resenting can be: "I give a place to this new identity”

Haemorrhoids are usually manifested in insecure people suffering from distrust and anxiety about the future and, therefore, generate the tendency to "keep things"; 
They want to ensure to the maximum, so it can happen.

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