Saturday, 5 January 2019

MIGRAIN, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

A migraine is a throbbing, severe headache that usually affects one side of the head, although it may affect both. 
The pain begins suddenly and may be preceded or accompanied by visual, neurological or gastrointestinal symptoms (vomiting). 
This symptom may prevent a normal life and negatively influence the work, studies, etc.
Conflict of helplessness, of being disarmed before a problem or a danger that does not digest and wants to solve with thought, with reason.
"I devaluated intellectually” 
"We must be more effective, we must argue our own intellectual abilities, find a solution" 
"I reject frustration, I always want everything to be as it should be, I'm never satisfied" 
"I always lack something to be fine"
It is demanding, perfectionist, passionate people, who assume many responsibilities. 
They do not accept their limits and have the tendency to want to control and to always seek a mental solution to all: "I spend the day thinking, I must find a solution..”
"I look solutions to all my problems with my imagination, but they are not in my hand” 
"I feel guilty for not finding the right solution”
... And still mulling over and over in their head and not take action.
"Inability to fulfil what has been asked or that you have to perform”
"Aim to achieve what seems inaccessible".
Migraine can also affect those who constantly feel compelled to overcome regardless of their limitations and their actual needs. 
It may be individuals who have felt under restrictions, impediments or emotional or family obligations. 
Therefore, the right to be what they want, to follow the desired direction, is not granted. 
They doubt themselves and believe they "cannot" live so attached to someone, but are afraid to be handled and manipulated.
Migraine occurs when they feel terror that is found to have done something wrong, that is, living with a constant concern not to disappoint. 
To counter, the anguish, strive to work longer and harder than others and thus get approval.
It can also manifest in those who have difficulties in their sexual, such as repression from childhood, fear or rejection and now resurfaces life. 
It's like a struggle that develops between thoughts and sexuality, which goes to your head and have the feeling that this is going to explode.
Weekend migraines: "I have no right to happiness".
Premenstrual migraines: Conflict of impairment.
"I'm afraid to get pregnant". 
"I do not feel up to par". 
"I need to be very effective in what I do”
Ophthalmic or ocular migraines: They are often called "silent migraines" that can occur with or without headaches. 
They are characterized by disturbances in vision that occur in one eye.
The cause of this migraine is related to visual activity.
What conflict has to affect my vision? Can’t I see something or someone I need to see?
"I see things I do not understand and therefore do not want to see".
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health: What topic was I thinking again and again before the migraine?
Am I at the correct intellectual level, or have the feeling of being incompetent?
I learn that life is as it is and I am who must adapt.
I must learn to delegate responsibilities.
Things must change and I must be able to change them, that is, to take action.

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