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MOUTH, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

It is the face cavity communicating with the digestive tract and the respiratory tract.
The mouth is an organ of incorporation and openness, "catch the piece", "remove the bread from the mouth. 
It allows us to taste before swallowing or reject, eat, feed and express ourselves.
Through it, the body gets the substances it needs to function: food, water, air, etc.
And something that makes us possible to communicate with others comes out: the voice. 
Through this, we can express our thoughts and feelings outwardly.
With the mouth, we can kiss or spit, give words of encouragement or sow discord, manifest as a soft as a stream or hard as a thunder.
Thus, it is a two-way street and the problems in this area express one or another aspect: resistance to what we, the unpleasant experiences of life "are not to our taste" and that "they leave a bitter taste in the mouth"; or a conflict with our expression and ability to say what we want (conflict to hear an insult and cannot answer).
Diseases of the mouth reveal irritation, either by what we eat that does not allow us to savor life or the way we express ourselves and therefore can mean anger toward others as to oneself.
Devaluation in relation to the word, to the expression.
Devaluation because we do not feel heard and express themselves is very important.
I cannot express a bite. For example, when we are forced to listen to a nasty remark and we were unable to respond.
Stomatitis (mouth inflammation) means unexpressed anger. We do not allow ourselves to express our aggressiveness.
Bites we do inside of the mouth or tongue tell us that what we propose or what we say does not satisfy us. 
They also show that we are holding back not to express something that we prefer to hide. 
Or we feel guilty of having said something and, that way, we're reproaching.
Gums: lining the base of the teeth and give us the contact and sensitivity to bite.
Conflict: Separation of the snack we were already touching. Understood as "bite" or "words".
Very large devaluation by the unspoken word or not achieve what you want with what is said.
Conflict with the decisions that were not well received.
Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums: Conflict of trap or retain the bite, and bite express conflict.
Conflict with the words unsaid and unexpressed desires. 
Happens when someone "beyond our borders" and we are unable to respond (by not having permission, capacity or strength ...). 
For example, someone insults us unpleasantly and we cannot answer. "Words unsaid".
"My word does not measure".
Also the opposite conflict: When we say something important and that cannot cross the borders of the other: I said something and the other did not understand anything. 
"Unexpressed desires" 
"I cannot express myself" 
"If only I would have told you".
Conflict with the decisions that were not well received.
Ulceration of the gums: "If I speak, means something else. 
Whatever I say, they do not believe me! They treat me as a liar!
Periodontitis: Inflammation of periodontal gum area.
Inflammation involves anger and rage by piece I do not quite catch.
Conflict of not biting.
Conflict of impotence to catch the piece in the form of decision.
Fear and helplessness to make decisions.
Bleeding gums: Blood refers to family and inflammation anger.
Conflict: Snack with connotation of decision. "I had a decision and in the end I have not followed it or I could not go"
Thrush express a regret, a huff with ourselves for having spoken too, for saying something that we should not have counted. 
Or, they are the result of anger that ruminate internally by something we have swallowed our grief or, so we cannot say, even having him/her in the "tip of the tongue".
In adults: Conflict not able to express: 
"I’m not able to tell the truth, I worry what people think” 
"Unable to reveal a secret, I worry what people think"
Conflict of inability to catch something: "I cannot catch something, I worry what people think"
Food: Unable to eat something, when we really do (typical of people who are on a diet).
Morsel that is lost: "I want to regain the love of my partner".
Conflict of separation of the word: "It's vital for me to know what is in each other's mouths. 
I do not want to separate from the other what I have to say"
The words unspoken, unexpressed desires: 
"Listen an insult and not being able to respond" 
"The words have hurt me, but I have not answered"
Problem someone introvert who does not want to talk about their problems and try to minimize them, 
"Do not want to talk about problems, I worry what people think"
On the left cheek: Conflict related to the family.
On the right cheek: Conflict related to the profession.
On both cheeks: Can’t say the truth.
In the language: I really do not mean.
On the lips: Saying the truth frightens me.
Gum: Truth about me, which irritates me.
In the throat: Truth about me, not swallowed.
In children: they express a conflict of separation, food, kiss ... are related to "inability to touch Mom’s chest (Love)" ​​by feeling separated from her (work, child care, etc.).
"Unable to eject the bite (he/she is forced to consume a food, real or symbolic)".
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
These people need to learn to accept and embrace new ideas, opinions, experiences, digest and assimilate calmly analyzing all aspects, to expand their minds and spirits.
They need to say what they have to say, without thinking that others will condemn them. 
"I say things without fear" 
"I always speak the truth".
And they need to be allowed to savor and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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