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SHOULDER pain, emotional and spiritual meaning:

The shoulder is the main axis of the arm and connects it to the trunk. It is an extremely mobile joint that allows making movements in all directions. 
They represent our ability to act, our deepest act on someone or something desires.
They are also related to the ability to carry the responsibilities and obligations of life: "carry the burden on the shoulders", "to shoulder the entire weight of the world", etc. 
They refer to responsibility as an adult; either as a parent or as a human being in society.
The shoulder problems tell that we have difficulty expressing, we found a resistance to our desire to act; either by a lack of support for an external opposition or a feeling of worthlessness.
We believe that the outside world will not let us act.
Left shoulder: it can indicate a devaluation conflict as a parent image itself.
"Devaluation in the mother/son or against any other person you want as a son relationship"
Identity conflict as a parent or child.
"I'm a bad parent or a bad mother or I'm a bad son/daughter to my parents", the head of the left humerus is affected.
"I have not been protected enough"
"I have not been able to keep under my wing to someone close” (affects the head of the humerus).
Right shoulder: "Conflict of devaluation of oneself in reference to the partner or one's social position.
Conflict of identity as husband/wife (no sexual connotation) or as a worker.
"I'm not a good husband, a good wife, a recognized worker or a good student", it affects the humeral head.
"Affective devaluation for failing to hold someone under the next wing", the head of the right humerus is affected.
"I have not protected my partner or co-worker enough" it affects the capsule.
These lateralities are so only for right-handed people, for left-handed people will be the opposite.
Luxation or dislocation: Often, a dislocation occurs after a stroke, a fall or forced movement.
"Conflict of devaluation accompanied by dishonor upon me and my parents”
When the dislocation is recurrent, it tells us that we have the feeling of being caught, "as if we are put in a box"
We want to express: "I want more freedom in my job as a human being"
"I do not want to cling to my family, work, etc. I want to be myself"
Shoulder blades: The scapula is a flat bone, long, thin, triangular shape. 
With the collarbone, shoulder blade serves to attach the arm to the trunk.
(Symbols of Freedom) "They are preventing me fly with my own wings"
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health: 

I earn consciousness of freedom that I have within me and let in inner light in all situations.

I become aware of the burden and decide to continue taking it voluntarily or get rid of it.

Assume the responsibilities.

When we do something for someone, it must always be for love and not obligation.

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