Wednesday, 2 January 2019

SPLEEN diseases, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

The spleen is located at the base of the left lung. 
It is an energy distribution center and plays a very important role in the immune system; it transforms the blood, destroys red blood cells used and makes new ones.
At a spiritual level, it serves as the central communication and all the energy that is generated through exercises designed to expand consciousness, such as meditation, it passes through it.
Therefore, on the physical plane, the spleen is responsible for increasing our defences and spiritually gives us protection, confidence and security.
The spleen is weakened when we live the life in a too reasonably way, with excessive respect for the rules and a great need to adjust them.
There is no place for pleasure and fun, we lack that joy we need. 
We live very concerned about the family, or our professional and material issues and our fear to fail obsesses us greatly, the fear of not living up to the occasion. 
Obsessions, tendency to obsess.
Blood-related conflict. Intense fear of lack or losing blood. As it represents symbolically the family (my own blood), it can express some problems: 
"My family is undone" 
"I failed, I am a coward unable to fight" 
"I have good blood" 
"I lack blood in my veins".
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
In order that the spleen can perform its functions normally, it needs calm, it is why music harmonizes it. 
Calm means that the person has moved away obsessions and resolved his/her problems.
When does this happen? 
When the individual is allowed to have desires and can seek pleasure and joy. 
When he/she can stop believing that he/she is not strong enough and ensures his/her integrity and combat external influences. 
When he/she has confidence, confidence to make his/her own decisions and trust in the natural process of life.
We need to learn to live consciously, here and now, to make decisions, to act.
At present, we are sowing the seed of a harvest to reap in the future... 
Therefore, learn to select the seed, tills the soil, water it, pay attention to weeds, receiving the necessary sun and wait... 
You've done everything that was in your hand! 
The results do not depend only on you.

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