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STOMACH, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

The stomach is an important organ in digestion, the first to receive, through the esophagus, raw foods that have just been prepared by the action of chewing. 
After mixing and dissolving these eaten food, thanks to which it secretes gastric juices and prepares them for the process of assimilation. 
Thus, the stomach is the body in charge of the "material" digestion; in it, the events and emotions that occur in life and the food really begin the digestion process in the broad sense to digest the reality itself. 
This is where we first assimilate yearnings, unfulfilled desires, worldly pressures and external conflicts.
The stomach is emotionally attached to food, love, affection, survival, reward and mother. 
We replace our need for affection and love for food in times of loss, separation or death, or to mitigate economic stress or materials, etc.
Stomach problems are related, very often, with the "daily bread", that is, especially regarding material aspects of life, whether in the workplace or in the affective.
We indicate that we are anxious and insecure because we feel we have difficulty in controlling the material world. 
We are concerned about professionals, school or judicial economic setbacks, and do not stop mulling an obsessive way because we have a lot of anxiety about the future.
Greater curvature of the stomach: Conflict with support in the family, difficulties, irritation or fear of dying for lack of food.
Likewise, we can be affected of the stomach when we suffer a conflict of lack joined other conflict of indigestion: "I have what I want; I do not want it"
Ulcer on the greater curvature, "I am faced with an exterior that is attacking me"
Minor curvature: Conflict of disappointment in the territory. 
We find it very difficult to accept or digest a person "who is impossible to avoid" or to an event that we do not like and goes against our way of life.
"I want to avoid something imposed on me"
"I cannot digest the morsel imposed on me"
Pylorus: The door of the stomach. Who watches the door? Who cares? Who protects?
Pylorostenosis: "Assimilating is dangerous for me"
Stomach cancer: we always look for "dirty plays" stories that someone made to other people, situations we did not expect.
It may be manifested by some economic disgruntled (not to appropriate a heritage that does belong to you, does not receive earnings corresponding to you in a company, compensation or judgment, etc).
Similarly, we can have stomach cancer when we suffer a setback territorial conflict with a person whom we cannot avoid (family environment, work, neighbours, etc).
"I cannot digest, I cannot digest the" bite "imposed on me," I've swallowed, but I cannot digest it"
In most cases it is related to some “dirty play" that we could suffer. 
Ulcers: We talk about "indigestible contradictions" in the territory. Someone has invaded my territory and has destabilized me.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
You need to learn to become aware of their feelings, confront problems, resolve conflicts and digest the impressions that come from outside. 
Acceptance. Every thing that brings us life transforms us.

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