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THYROID, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The thyroid, symbolically represents the body's biological clock, and always will be related to conflicts related to "time".
I feel overtaken by events. 
I cannot keep the beat to everything that is happening to me. 
I have a conflict of urgency. 
I have a conflict of not being able to take something of mine.
Lived in female (right-handed women or left-handed men): Having thyroid problems represents a fear of forehead,
I feel powerless to solve what is coming.
Lived in male (left-handed women or right-handed men): Do not introduce thyroid problems, but in the lymph.
"Despite having this almost certainly, I can lose"
"I'm not fast enough to get such a thing". "When will be my turn?"
It affects people who feel they can never do what they really want, coupled with the fact that they have hidden a feeling of being humiliated or that what they do is humiliating.
Right lobe: Conflict of not being able to catch the piece quick enough.
Left lobe: Conflict of not being able to get rid of the piece quickly enough.
"I cannot act fast enough"
Conflict of being overtaken by events (in the sense of time urgency).
Or because there are several facts that need to be faced urgently.
Conflict of not being able to catch something vital to us is unattainable. "Despite having this almost certainly, I can lose" "I'm not fast enough to get such a thing". 
When will be my turn?
Excretory thyroid-channel: Conflict of helplessness:
"I'm tied hand and I cannot act on something urgent"
"We must do something and nobody does anything"
Frontal fear conflict against a danger, an attack, a component cannot give the alert, but stay on the territory when danger comes.
Afraid to fight and feel powerless: "You cannot overcome the obstacle.
Always wait until the last minute to do something and then realize that it does not succeed.
Fear of dealing with problems. I have to fight fear and feel helpless. "Can anybody do anything fast?".
Thyroid - follicular tissue: I cannot get or catch the prey, to bite, etc. I'm slow. (The dam can be a boyfriend, a promotion, a job, etc).
Anaplastic carcinoma: To be losing place in the world. The only option that seems feasible is dying fast.
Follicular carcinoma: Conflict of having to protect myself because the danger is indoors.
Medullary carcinoma: Conflict of impairment for not being fast enough to save or save someone from destruction.
Papillary carcinoma: Need to flee from danger quickly (Female solution).
Exophthalmia: This is the conflict of the dam which increases its visual field to see the danger coming, in order to escape in time.
"I have to catch the image of danger as quickly as possible"
Hyperthyroidism is a direct cause of exophthalmos (bulging or protruding eyes) as it is also about the conflict of wanting to catch the piece with eyes, want to see something done.
Decrease in the concentration of somatotropin: 
The conflict is in the intention: "I intend to get it but never get it"
Goiters and multinodular goitre: We feel powerless, bound hand and foot. 
Someone should do something but nobody does anything.
I always wait until the end to act. 
I feel life or something or someone chokes me.
Fear of strangulation; each node corresponds to a conflict.
"He/she wants to move, but cannot"
"The need to act quickly to a dangerous situation and do nothing".
"We should have acted quickly and did nothing".
For example: a child falls and hits his/her head, parents only comfort him/her, but hours later falls into a coma.
If multinodular goitre, with hot and cold areas, the mind is in active conflict against certain everyday events. It is in solution phase for other past events.
Thyroid - Cancer: Controversy of feeling overtaken by events.
Conflict of urgency. Conflict of not being fast enough to catch the piece, or even with the "piece" in the mouth, not sure swallowing.
We want to feel stronger in what we are or do. 
Feel unsupported. I desire to be strong and solid.
"My hands are tied and I cannot do anything"
"I would have to do something urgently, but nobody does anything"
"I do not feel strong enough to level my structure"
"I need to be strong, need you to hold me, but I have no one to do it"
"I need support and I do not have it".
Cancer always is a long-standing conflict.
People with thyroid problems feel they can never do what they really want.
They conceal a feeling of being humiliated or think that what they do is humiliating.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
If your thyroid gland is overactive, you are receiving an important message and you should spend some time to figure out what you really want to create the life you'd like.
Do not think that you should always act to be important, recognized or wanted. 
Nor you think everything is urgent.
When you regain your natural rhythm, according to your real needs, everyone around you will feel even more pleased.
As this is the gland growth, if you use your "want" just as your needs grow much more at soul level and you will realize that what you came to do on earth.
If your thyroid gland is not active enough, you realize that only you can bring it back to its natural state.
No favours you believe you cannot create your life and you should not ask. It has also time to stop believing that you have no right to do whatever you want. 
Even if your children have learned to be afraid to ask, your body tells you that you can now leave that fear behind.
You may have to perform a process of forgiveness toward the person who could sorry prejudiced in their actions or gestures, or did you believe you could not do much for yourself.
Realize that these people came into your life to show you what you should learn, that is, overcome your fear to show your own will created.

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  1. Absolutley right. Get back to our true self get in touch within. Communicate and understand with our mind and body is the way to harmony and health. Thank you. Elenia