Friday, 18 January 2019

Where can we find the cause of a disease?


The first is the conflict that the person is currently living, those that have occurred just before the appearing of symptoms and are always related to the experiences of everyday life of the person, such as the family, the couple, work, etc.
The second stage in which we find the information is that one that goes from the moment of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and up to seven or eight years.
Everything that happened during this period is recorded in the biological unconscious and can be later manifested in the form of symptoms or disease.
And finally we have to consider a third stage we call transgenerational, which is the study of the family tree branch formed by the father and the mother branches and join at the time of conception. In this way we have to know everything that happens before this time, the conflicts the tree could not resolve and that are passed unconsciously from generation to generation in order to heal.
So is that to determine the cause of a disease and the message it carries, it is necessary to examine the three aforementioned stages (current stage, conception-pregnancy-birth, and transgenerational or family history).

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