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BRAIN, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The brain is the most important organ of the human body, so it is also the best protected, a bone and a liquid cover that protect it from direct damage. 
It is the personal computer, the command center, which gives orders to the muscles, to the words and acts, and is also directing the complex mechanism of the human body. 
Although many of the organic functions performed (blood circulation, digestion, breathing, etc.) are made unconsciously. 
The brain demands, receives and manages information from abroad, received by the senses, and from inside captured by the sensory fibbers that report the status or function of each organ. 
It centralizes and stores data and makes circulate it by the individual, allowing him/her to exist, interact and evolve in his/her environment.
Just as nature is responsible for protecting the brain, humans must also protect our individuality, what we really are. 
Like the brain leads to the body we must direct our lives according to what we are and avoid being influenced or trying to become what others expect of us.
Brain problems arise in those too impressionable and receptive who are living outside situations that cause confusion or face any change in his/her life that made him/her lose their bearings. 
It is as if they had the feeling of having lost control of their own life and not be themselves.
Other brain problems are a sign that our relationship with life is based on reason and logic. 
We want to solve and understand everything from our "conscious" part, through pure thought.
We do not allow our feelings to influence us or disturb us, either because they produce fear to us, because they do not satisfy us, or simply because we do not find any use in them.
We only give importance to the effectiveness of sound logic and reasoning, but we forget that life is unpredictable, insecure, any circumstance likely and of course, very little rational.
This tendency to spend all under the filter of reason, implies the need for "right" always and flee the error, mistakes, because they are considered a weakness.
People with brain imbalances show great difficulty changing ideas and way of thinking, making room for the pleasure and enjoyment of the simple things of life.
Brain tumours usually appear in people who are "distracted", absent, they are “lost in the clouds”, secretive, accustomed to denial, hardened. 
The tumour almost always translates an intellectual impairment. Conflict of lack of brainpower to tackle a problem. a dramatic fact has occurred in the life of the person who forces him/her to have to find a solution beyond their normal intellectual abilities. 
"I must find an intellectual solution beyond my possibilities” 
"I'm too silly, but I will get over it".
Devaluation conflict with the father.
In many cases it is linked to emotional blows a situation or a person he loves so much and which has made him/her suffer too.
Glioma: Intellectual conflict coupled with a conflict of abandonment.
Stroke: Intellectual Conflict.
"Conflict loss of intellectual territory”
"I quit fighting, I do not look for a solution anymore”
Hemiplegia: Conflict of great impotence. Great conflict engine. Without enough strength to fight, prevent the other act on me or prevent movement.
Feeling betrayed in the family conflict, unable to withstand the pressure of the clan.
Conflict has been raised by two mothers.
Conflict of being halved. One half has died or disappeared. 
Or having lost half game. Memory of an act that I do not want to repeat and paralyzes me. Related to something that dies. 
"My father or my grandfather was part of a firing squad”
Brain injury: Conflict of guilt. 
A thrombus prevents the irrigation to a part of the brain that is affected by a power that we cannot control.
Conflict: I must stop fighting intellectually (intellectual surrender). Loss in intellectual territory.
Conflict of not being able to face something or someone intellectually.
Cerebral infarction: Same as stroke, with a conflict of loss of intellectual territory. 
Its function is to move away from a fight, battle or confrontation.
Ictus: Conflict of guilt, intellectual impairment and family concerns.
Conflict of guilt with resistance to something that at once is necessary. 
Always in relation to a useless or that we have not made intellectual effort.
Conflict with intellectual impairment loss of territory in something vital (life or death) and in relation to one of the family.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
All life consists on polarities: man and woman; cold and heat; The day and the night; thinking and feeling; the mind and heart.
Life is rhythm. 
Life moves by opposition zigzags from the negative to the positive, from positive to negative. It does not serve fixed orders or respect the rigid behaviour. both poles so that energy may be needed.
The feeling and reason are two poles of the same energy, are like two wings that must be used simultaneously to achieve flight and balance.
A person can only be healthy if you keep an inner balance between the rational and the irrational, between intellect and love.
The intellect can only believe in the division, in the analysis, the rational. 
He/she likes to define all things, just go from your point of view, can never know and see the reality of the moment, because it is loaded with numerous conditions and fixed patterns.
When a person stops to express their emotions, life loses all meaning, loses its value, because life is valuable for these things, feelings, pain and pleasure, laughter and tears.
The deep communication between two human beings is only possible through their feelings, their emotions, their sensitivity.
With intellect, we can understand intellectually, we can agree or disagree with something, but that's not true understanding.
To understand life is necessary to open the door of the heart. 
It understands directly, needs no interpretation, does not trace borders or does not establish limits because it is always pure.

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