Wednesday, 12 December 2018

CELLULITE, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:


Diffuse inflammation of subcutaneous connective tissues (fatty tissue cells). 
The adipose tissue accumulates in certain areas of the body forming dimples and fat nodules that modify and alter the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue.
Cellulite manifests more in women than in men because, for them, the physical aspect is very important. 
From a very young age they begin to worry about their appearance, for their silhouette that they want to be perfect, according to the norms of society.
Conflict of aesthetic devaluation with regard to a part of the body judged as not aesthetic by oneself.
This aesthetic devaluation almost always has its origin in situations of the past that were lived as tort or humiliation. 
The biological response is to increase in size to look for strength and security, although, at the same time and paradoxically, one hates her own appearance when looking in the mirror. 
Thus, the silhouette conflict generates devaluation, pessimism and low self-esteem.
Other times, cellulite reveals situations and experiences of fear of abandonment or rejection lived in the past, mainly during breastfeeding or childhood.
When we feel abandoned (real or symbolic) we are helpless and invaded by the feeling of being in danger, so that the person (biologically and unconsciously) begins to generate food reserves and store fats (reserves) because he/she does not know when he/she will eat again.
After these experiences of abandonment or rejection, these people, unconsciously, have difficulty getting engaged with other people, for fear of being repeated.
On the other hand, cellulite is also related to repressed emotions, regrets and resentments that the person retains within himself/herself.
Cellulite usually affects people who are contained, who do not trust themselves, and who worry too much about others' opinions about their physical appearance.
Thigh fat: Grease bags in the form of pads located on the buttocks, hips and inner side of the knees. 
Much more common in women than in men.
They serve to protect the area where they appear.
Conflict of protection of femininity, as a woman (sexual) or as a mother.
Storage of lactation in case of pregnancy.
Someone in their ancestors lacked breast milk and could not feed their son.
Aesthetic conflict in that part of the body.
Sometimes they are linked to abortions that the person has suffered. The relationship will be as many kilos increased as the fetus had months when it was lost.

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