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CHOLESTEROL, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

Cholesterol is a lipid (a type of natural fat) present in all parts of the body. 
The body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to function properly. 
But too much cholesterol in the blood, combined with other substances, can adhere to the walls of the arteries. 
This is called plaque. Plaques can narrow the arteries or even block them.
Lipids, and especially phospholipids, collaborate to create cellular architecture, particularly the membrane of all body cells. 
Cholesterol is one of the most important ingredients in the "production" of those phospholipids.
Therefore, in a symbolic or psychosomatic level, cholesterol refers to the notion of "personality construction, construction of the Self. 
We talk about a problem of construction of the own personality or of a member of their immediate environment.
This is a task that takes the human being throughout his/her whole life. 
And depending on the personal work we make, we can speak of a strong self when an individual is balanced and responsible in their actions and a weak one, if it is unstable, indecisive or weak.
The person who has cholesterol feels unable to do things alone, always ask for help or depends on others to "be" or to "live".
They may even have the feeling that others do not care and that is why they must face everything alone.
"I grew up alone, I have always been alone"
"I can only count on myself to build myself, physically and especially morally"
When I want to do a project, build or create something that I particularly desire, I cannot get help from anyone. 
"I do not receive the support of my family, no one has helped me get where I came"
"I can only, therefore, count on myself to ensure my survival and this affects me a lot"
"I am the only one who builds myself"
A high level of cholesterol can happen  when you worry that someone close is not mature enough to face up to life/ to be able to function on their own."I need to structure my partner, my children, parents, etc."
The person suffering from an excess of cholesterol has a tendency to excessive self-control. 
Feel great distrust, he/she does not know surrender nor is able to open and receive. 
Considers life as a constant struggle, with little time for relaxation or enjoyment. 
Undoubtedly, it is someone who has not felt loved and protected in its infancy.
These people have to deal with themselves as to focus on the pleasure of living itself and not on the rack up achievements to prove his/her greatness and seek some recognition to their parents.
Triglycerides, resenting: "I count on others to help me survive and I did not bring anything".
Both pathologies are two sides of the same coin. Cholesterol, male pole, related to "giving" and triglycerides, female pole, which symbolize "receiving". 
If at the current moment, we are not living any of the experiences mentioned above and I am presenting high cholesterol, then I will have to look for stories from Proyecto Sentido (experiences lived by my mother during pregnancy), or from the Transgenerational (program inherited from an ancestor) related to feelings of abandonment, real or having had the feeling of being abandoned and, therefore, “I am alone, in danger and no one can feed me. I only count on myself ”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health: 
The individual with high cholesterol must be willing to seek new motivations in life that are based on his own desires and, thus, be able to build a solid foundation in which all responsibility falls on himself. 
On the other hand, he has to take the necessary actions to get closer, communicate, support and share with others, if that is what he really wants, without expecting anything in return, just for the pleasure of giving. 
I choose to love life. 
My channels of joy are open. 
I am safe receiving. 

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