Wednesday, 14 December 2016

CHRONIC DISEASE, Emotional and Metaphysical Causes:

In a chronic disease there are persistent physical problems that make relapse. 
That is, the symptoms recur, especially during vulnerable periods in which we lose touch with our inner being. 
It occurs when by fear and insecurity we refuse to change, because adapting is hard for us and we lack the necessary strength to move forward.
Most of these diseases are usually described, by conventional medicine, which only has 300 years of experience and is seated on a purely mechanistic bases, as "incurable". 
In traditional medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine, etc., that have thousands of years of experience and who understand the human being as a unit, (body-soul-spirit), there is no concept of incurable disease. 
The diseases are distinguished easy or difficult to heal, depending on whether their causes are external or internal. 
Of course, they are caused by external causes: blows, fractures, nutritional deficiencies, etc., they are easier to cure because to find, treat and remove the causes that have led the body easily recovered balance. 
However, it is necessary to discover the emotional conflict that was behind these symptoms and integrate it to prevent further relapses.
However, the most difficult to heal they are those of internal origin, as awareness, for healing to occur is necessary, by the patient, their mental and emotional aspects of their deepest desires and purpose of his/her life, to change the conditions that have arisen and that is a task that involves the whole being of the patient.
Conflict adaptation. No acceptance of repairing the conflict. It exists in the unconscious a chronic contradiction too.
Chronicity implies rejection of change, fear of the future and a tremendous sense of insecurity. 
The message of an incurable disease is very simple: The cure to this conflict going to accept the situation experienced physically. 
Those affected always seems like a big contradiction.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
People with chronic diseases have to face a big task, confront the fears that arise in the context of their illness and deal with idealized images of how to do what they have entrusted.
Life is rhythm, constantly changing. 
We must accept insecurity of life and discard the anxiety that can cause us abandoning old habits.
We have to learn to be vulnerable to all the possibilities that present themselves in life.

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