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DEPRESSION, Emotional and metaphysical causes:

Altered consciousness, perception and behaviour characterized by feelings of sadness, discouragement and apathy. 
It is linked to a personal drama whether it is conscious or unconscious.
Depression is often related to the fact of wanting to "take the pressure" of dramas with which we carry in our life. 
It is the passive manifestation of unexpressed aggression towards oneself.
Identity conflict over territory conflict, depreciation and guilt. In some women, sexual frustration conflict masked, in which sexuality is experienced as a territory, "it's mine".
It occurs when a person suffers two major conflicts. 
On the one hand, he/she suffers an identity conflict or non-recognition and simultaneously undergoes a conflict of annoyance on the territory. 
The person is stopped, immobilized by their inability to make decisions. 
The biological sense of depression is to remain paralyzed, waiting, giving itself time to make the decisions that needs, to meet again and take back its way. 
Example: Mrs. X has lost her identity as a mother to her daughters. They have rebelled, they disrespect her, do not take her into account and do not recognize her. 
Meanwhile, her husband, is organizing his/her territory, in all aspects and underestimates her.
Endogenous depression: Its cause can be found in stories related to the project clan or sense, unrealized duels, responsibilities on dramas not assumed. economic Economic losses, love dramas, deaths, retirements, etc.
Reactive depression: It arises from a traumatic event. 
People suffering from this depression devalue themselves greatly. The conflict is quite clear because the symptoms in the six months following the big shock appear.
Postpartum depression: At that time, woman becomes a mother. We lose a way of life, while we face a new task that can frighten and devalue us.
Separation conflict with our mother and conflict of feeling unprotected. We generate a fear of our new role. 
Surely we have something pending with our mother or against our father, who did not feel able at the time or perhaps we feel separated from them.
Similarly, the illusion for tomorrow, hope for a promising future, enthusiasm for all the great things that are yet to come ... money, power, happiness, etc; Reaching this motivates us enormously.
Present is miserable but we banish and forget about it thanks to the dreams we have deposited in the morning, all our desires will be filled in the future. 
But time passes and the realization of our dreams never arrives.
We are desperate and hopeless!
The illusion motivate us, but now we have run out of strength.
Depression is a state of energy depletion. 
We have lost the meaning of life, we do not accept the present or our living conditions; we self blame or blame something or someone, we judge and criticize.
We are motivated by negativity, which further undermines our energies.
Our ability to laugh is gone, we feel lack of love and self-esteem, have lost interest in work, relationships, food, sex, hobbies, etc; by everything around us. We cannot even sleep.
We reject our responsibilities, we hide to the duties and difficulties, because we feel powerless and unable to make decisions, to move or act and also do not want to ask for help or want help; 
We prefer that the circumstances or others are the ones who change. We just want to sleep and do nothing. 
We declare our lives on strike.
This state of despair can manifest itself in materialistic individuals who have been for most of his/her life pursuing material gains that have achieved everything attainable, but now cannot enjoy anything because the desire to hoard wealth, power, recognition, etc. have lost themselves and have no reason to live, they feel empty inside.
They may also fall into a deep depression, those who had childhood conflicts with their parent of the opposite sex. 
Somehow they were able to feel the rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal or have been treated with indifference or lack of respect by the father or mother and still kept inside, pain, resentment and especially anger, which produced that fact.
As you feel powerless to express anger for fear of losing support and love, now it moves into this negativity and is the only alternative to project it to your spouse.
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