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LARYNX diseases, Emotional and Metaphysical Causes:

The larynx is the part of the respiratory system that continues with the trachea and opening to the pharynx and mouth. 
It contains the glottis, which is the organ of phonation and epiglottis, which acts closing the glottis during swallowing and prevents the passage of solids and liquids into the airways and lungs.
A condition to the level of the larynx usually occurs after an event in which we had "cut breath". 
We are living a situation of fear in our territory. 
There is anything that we are not able to say and we need to express.
All diseases of the larynx have to do with the fear of saying something.
The message does not pass, and you have to make it happen.
I was so scared "that no sound could come out of my mouth”
I was caught by surprise, to the point I had the feeling that my life was in danger.
If the epiglottis is affected: "False routes or wrong way".
If you live in a male way = "I took the wrong way". Where am I? What do I do? Did I choose the right man/woman?
Laryngitis: An inflammation of the larynx, the essential organ of phonation, where the sound is produced by the vocal cords.
It is manifested by hoarseness with cough and sometimes can also be difficult to breath.
The larynx is inflamed when we have angry with someone. 
The fury and hatred prevent us from talking or yelling.
Stress phase: nervous, high cough. 
We are living a stressful situation for something that frightens us say.
Healing phase: hoarsely, just because we said that we were scared to say.
Communication problems. We have a terrible fear that after we talk something changes or is terminated or destroyed. It may be that we desire to say something, but we told him/her to stop, for fear of not being heard or upset someone, family, for example. 
"I want to say something, but I cannot because if I say the family explodes". 
"The word I say, causes a drama".
"I say the truth and family breaks”
Literally, we swallow the words, but they remain in the throat, ready to go; 
"The message does not pass go and do it” 
We have made mistakes reproach speaking, we feel judged and we are afraid of talking nonsense.
"I do not express for fear of ridicule”
"I suppress my transgression, I feel suffocated”
Or maybe we're afraid to disappoint someone, which for us is an authority on the subject, if we say what we have to say.
Laryngeal dyspnoea: "I want to scream, but I can`t”
Laryngeal cancer: occurs after a major unexpected shock that could be related to a territorial conflict of fear (fear of losing the job, etc.).
"Better keep quiet because it would be useless to speak". 
"I would get angry but I dare not” 
"I do not feel respected for what I am”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
What is what it hurts me to tell and I prefer to keep? 
We must grant ourselves the right to express freely and in our own way, without being dominated by fear.
I have to learn to take my place and express what is for me the truth. 
This will help me to better understand my place in my environment and the universe.
We must learn to say things, to express our feelings, which will allow this energy to move freely. 
If we have difficulty in expressing ourselves saying things, then we can express ourselves typing.
Have we been disappointed by something or someone and are unable to express it?

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