Tuesday, 27 November 2018

TONGUE, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

The tongue is related to the word. It facilitates us to say things, gently modulated voice and modify or manipulate the expression that comes from within our convenience, that is, again, the tongue is related to the word.
For example: "Blabbed". "Having a sharp tongue".
Also it helps us move the "bite" to go dissolving, chewing and thus being able to swallow.
The language also symbolizes the flavour that is our life. It allows us to differentiate the flavors and enjoy them (real) as well as to appreciate the taste of the experiences (symbolic). 
"Life no longer knows anything”
Any symptoms in the language has a direct relationship with living a sense of guilt for what we've eaten, (real or symbolic). 
What toxic food (emotional or real) have I swallowed and make me feel guilty?
Similarly, they can express our difficulty saying things gently. 
So sometimes we "bit our tongue", that is, being indiscreet. What did I say that caused this?
At certain times, we may hurt the tongue when we are upset of not have expressed a word that has been us "on the tip of the tongue". What emotion causes guilt to me? Is it because of what I feel guilt?
Similarly, the tongue may be affected when we took some food and then we reproach.
Biting the own’s tongue relates to the guilt for what was just said or what one has to say, as if he/she reproached himself/herself.
Inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) is the consequence of not expressing the anger that one feels.
Glossitis can also be the result of our difficulty to savor, to enjoy the pleasures of life.
The doughy tongue wants to express our difficulty, for lack of confidence or fear of ridicule.
Sores: Being a muscle, tongue problems can also express a sense of impotence to catch the morsel "I have been powerless to catch something"
Geographic tongue (lingual surface-like map) is a condition that can be persistent and uncomfortable.
This is a separation conflict with the desired and impossible to express + conflict contact imposed with a word that is not desired. Example: a radio announcer who for years carried out a program of public assistance but suddenly changed the director and forces him/her to give only the daily news.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
We need to learn to accept and embrace new ideas, opinions, experiences, digest and assimilate calmly analyzing all aspects, to expand the mind and spirit. 
Enjoying life without guilt.
We must allow ourselves to say what we feel, not thinking that others will condemn. 
Say only honest and loving words and silence the lies and offensive words.
And we need to allow us to savor and enjoy the pleasures of life without ever feeling guilty.

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