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DYSMENORRHEA, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Normally, dysmenorrhoea is associated with acne (androgen production). 
It manifests itself in girls whose mothers have fervently desired to have a male and have mismanaged male hormones.
Conflict with authority, standards and rules in the family. 
Painful menstruation is indicative of what hurts a woman, that there is a rejection of the feminine condition whose main characteristic is the responsiveness and deliverability. 
It may be a reaction to the mother, who was the first woman model. This does not mean she is not feminine, but she finds unattractive the role of woman, "submissive" or that has too many "rules".
In this house rules are harsh.
"I hate authority, I do not want them to give me orders”
"Do not do this, do not do that, you must do so, we must do this otherwise”
"I have no right to exist, but on condition to do what they tell me" 
"I need freedom to do what I want, when I want and who I want with"
"This family is not normal, one aspect of my family hurts me”
Similarly, dysmenorrhoea may be the result of a feeling of resentment toward a man (father or other) or to men in general.
You can also hurt the period demanding women who want to be free and independent and requiring the same way that others are rigorous in meeting their commitments. 
They cannot stand the lack of fulfilment of obligations or deadlines.
Likewise menstrual disorders may also be an expression of the inability of women to "let go" to give up or give in relationships with loved ones, and on issues related to motherhood.
It is also possible that cramps come from an erroneous "education", popular beliefs transmitted by family.
Did you learn that it was normal to have problems during menstruation?
Did they make you believe, when you were a kid, that menstruating was shameful, sinful or dirty?
In addition, the period can also be painful when a contradiction occurs in the way of valuing sexuality, when it is considered dirty and sinful, but at the same time, essential.
"It invades my sexual level".
There is another aspect in women that can also cause discomfort and pain in the period as is the choice of having a child or not. 
When a child is desired, the onset of menstruation is like a missed opportunity, again states that "could not be" so that pain can express the disappointment of not getting pregnant.
When the period is abundant, it may indicate a loss of joy of living because of a toxic relationship with a member of the family.
"I want someone to leave my family”
"I want to leave this family”
"I'm afraid that my partner dumps me".
Having painful periods the first day of menstruation can mean, 
"I feel shame”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The women with problems in their periods need to let go of his/her tendency to want to hold and retain --the fact of wanting to retain, to keep, is evident in her body during premenstruation: breast swell a little, there is a slight weight gaining because of water retention, and heaviness in the womb-- Learn to let it go.
Think. The relationship with the mother and femininity, is it painful? Have you inherited from your mother negative images of femininity which you do not accept?
Accept femininity and develop deliverability.
Reconciled with yourself and understand sexual role menstruation as a ritual of purification.

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