Tuesday, 13 November 2018

ELBOW, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

It is one of the most flexible parts of the arm. It has the ability to move anywhere, except backwards.
The elbow problems speak of a conflict related to the use of the arm.
It may be related to the professional activity. 
"Devaluation linked to work” "Someone does not value me at work” "Someone does not value my work” 
"I do not enjoy my job”
Being unemployed or changing jobs, etc.
If it affects the skin (psoriasis, eczema), "I am separate from work”
The inside of the elbow is associated with affection, hug someone. When the elbow is well allows us to push someone strongly.
Also, elbow is related to our freedom to act and our identity ... "I open space” Pain tells us that we lack enough space to act freely.
You can also hurt yourself when we reject or admit the modus operandi of someone or when we are forced to accept it. 
When we have to do something against our will and that we wished to avoid it or have done it differently.
We can also have problems when we keep a selfish attitude and lack of consideration or go through life "elbowed opening ourselves" in order to achieve our goals (outside).
Ulna: bone problems in this conflict speak of impairment related to a security perimeter around me.
Similarly it may be affected when we have difficulties to "share" something related to our range.
Devaluation: Conflict competition with others close to me.
Epicondylitis (golfer's elbow): Related to "drop".
"I want something and I prevent it".
When it affects the outside away means I want to remove someone on my side. If pain appears on the inside, it expresses that I want to hug someone but I deprive myself or prevent it.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Open and accept the changes and new experiences that life gives us. 
Occupy your own space.

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  1. Hi, thank you so much!! Very helpful.
    When you write "affects the outside/pain appears on the inside", do you mean 'geographically' (and then i assume when the arm is stretched with palm up the left elbow side is inside and right side is outside) or do you mean inside the body or on the outside (with outside meaning when you eg touch it it hurts)
    I hope you'll respond. I find this very interesting!
    Love from The Netherlands,

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  2. Hi, When it affects the exterior it means that I want to remove someone from my side. If the pain appears inside, it expresses that I want to hug someone but I deprive myself or avoid it.

  3. Hi Joman, thanks for responding, but my question still stands: with 'inside' do you mean a place on the body (in this case the left side of the elbow, the skin) or inside the physical arm (like muscles, infection etc)?

    1. Hi, I don't mean inside as muscles. The inner part is to hug someone, the outer part is to push someone away. Excuse me, my level of English is very basic. Thank you

  4. Hi sweet Joman, like this it makes sense: i have pain on the inside (left) of the elbow, because i want people in my life (like my grown up children) but at the same time i push them away. This is good info with which i can work! Thank you!
    This is me on YouTube if you're interested: Tarot Enlightenment Annamiek

  5. My inner el bows have been painful for 4 months. I am going through ascension and thought I should help others do the same. I realize it is my journey and all this "helping" of others is draining me.
    As I distill my body I am noticing everything about it. These DNA upgrades are amazing. This info was exactly what I needed. Gratitude and gnosis to you.
    Love, Jewels in Leakey TX USA.

  6. Hi, if someone fractures the elbow what does this relate too?

    1. Hello, the fracture indicates that the conflict we had with work has been resolved, consciously or unconsciously.

  7. Hello how would you interpret...falling and bashing the elbow , right on the hinge itself... I slipped and fell...thank u

    1. Hi, no matter how it happens, it is always a conflict with work.

  8. Hello, I just found your blog and ordered your book . Your words definitely speak to me as an understandable science more than our modern medical science . Thank you for putting your knowledge to the world . If you have time please let me know what you think of this . My daughter broke both collar bones a year apart around age 8 And she later ( not too long after ) broke both elbow growing plates during gymnastics exercises. At that time her father and I were separated. Best regards and best whisked to you

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you for your kind words. Excuse me if I make a mistake, but my level of English is very basic. I will try to explain it to you as best I can.
      People up to 14 years of age do not have emotional individuality, so any problem in a child up to that age is not emotionally generated by itself but is about conflicts that are especially experienced by their parents, but also by grandparents, teachers, etc. and they project it on them, it is a biological law that is always fulfilled.
      I recommend that you consult "clavicle" and "elbows" in order to reach a conclusion about the emotional conflict that affected him.
      I wish you the best.