Wednesday, 10 April 2019

ENURESIS, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

It is the urinary incontinence that occurs primarily at night.
"I feel good in my world (sleep) and do not want to wake up”
It affects mostly to children who feel a mixture of fear and rebellion against authority. 
During the day they are under severe pressure, (school, parents, etc.) and feel they are overtaxed. 
They have excessive ambitions of parents and may suffer, disagreements between parents on the method of education to follow.
During the day, these children cannot relax or make their own claims, cannot break free from the pressure they are being subjected.
"They invade my territory”
They feel rejected and oppressed because they have imposed a pattern of behaviour that prevents it from being as they really are.
"I am moved and I am afraid, I seek security”
Bedwetting may be the result of fear that the child feels toward his/her parents, and especially toward his/her father or toward the figure that fulfils that role (grandparent, teacher, etc.). 
They may be afraid to upset him/her for not obeying their wishes or fear disappoint, not keep up, or failing to meet the expectations of these.
Enuresis in girls is often related to a conflict of brutal separation linked to sexuality.
Example: after the separation or divorce of parents.
"Dad no longer takes care of me!" 
"I feel apart from my father!"
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Nocturnal enuresis (conflict of marking territory) is the unconscious protest against wrong treatment; It occurs when the child has lost control over his/her conscience (territory) and is the answer to the pressure bearing during the day.
Enuresis allows relaxation of the sustained pressure and provides the opportunity to make parents, always giving example of strength, feel helpless, because what can they do?
The mission of a father or a mother is to ensure by all possible means to give freedom to their child. 
Because whenever someone is forced without being able to choose we are destroying his/her intelligence.
True education is not to introduce the child our own ideas or beliefs but help him/her come to light what the child has inside, allow to develop his/her qualities, prepare to be himself/herself, because every child is unique and has never been, nor there will be no one like him/her
These children, who may even require too much of themselves, can be helped to relax by telling them they are good children, by recognizing their talents and values ​​and by supporting and telling them that even if they make mistakes, we will still love them.
Check whether the territory problem is because of the mother.

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