Thursday, 15 December 2016

ERUCTATION OR BURPING, Emotional and Metaphysical Causes:

Burping is an audible expression of gas through the mouth that comes from the stomach.
It may be due to a sudden fear caused by an unforeseen event or a thought, a concept or an idea that costs us a lot to digest and therefore it comes back.
It can also tell us that we are impatient and we want to incorporate and assimilate everything very quickly.
Or we suffer stress because of the material, professional or financial world.
Often, they also express that suffer an accumulation of problems. Each time they solve one, another comes.
Conflict of freedom in the exchange: "I do not accept that the relationship is heavy, closed, sealed". 
"I lack air, lightness, freedom, in the relational exchange”
Conflict of a missing "piece" of air. Wanting to catch and retain life.

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