Wednesday, 6 February 2019

ESOPHAGUS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The esophagus is located at the beginning of the digestive system and connects the pharynx to the stomach
It is the passage for food so that they are digested. It is a relatively passive organ.
Top part: Discomfort indicates that there is something we have "swallowed", but forced to do it.
Swallowing conflict: Something in my life "that does not happen," feeling that something is stuck in the throat.
Conflict of not willing or able to move the piece we've swallowed. 
"They made me swallow toads and snakes".
"I have no choice but to swallow something and wanted to get rid of it, I reject it. I prefer swallow something else. "
What can’t I swallow or can’t accept in my life?
What is he/she trying to force me to eat?
Could perhaps be the reproaches, the criticism?
Bottom part: Conflict of not being able to eat what's on the plate, "have the stomach larger than the eye” 
"I never have enough”
"Fear that someone we remove what we have on the plate". 
"The piece can still escape me”
Words cannot waste anything, we must use it all! Gluttony, large gullets, bottomless pit.
"Conflict of not enjoying the snack eaten" example: a heritage, a car, etc.
Conflict of not wanting to eat they put on us as food.
Esophageal motor skills: "I want and, while not want to swallow, to lower the piece”
Esophageal achalasia: Conflict piece or toxic bite or will not be able to digest. 
Piece I've swallowed without really wanting to swallow, or feeling forced to do so.
Sphincters also relate to the father: Conflict in which "the father prevents the mother feeding the child”
Conflict swallowed something by force (opinions, judgments, decisions ...). 
The conflict often manifests itself in a situation in which "is bad if it is not swallowed and it's bad if swallowed".
The esophagus can also be affected when the person resists or rejects new ideas, especially those that do not come from him/her. 
He/she has a very strong inner critical attitude that prevents it to give in and let the heart speak.
Esophageal cancer: It can manifest when we want to "swallow something", a house, a car, etc. and, at the last moment, we cannot.
It may also appear when we've been forced to "swallow something" that we would have liked to "spit".
"We must not squander. You have to take everything. "
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:...
Those sick of esophagus need to become aware of their own ability to make and run their lives as they consider the best, and allow others to do the same.

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