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FIBROMYALGIA, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

From the Latin “fibra”, symbolically means "family ties". “Mio”, from the Greek, that means muscle, and “algias”, that means pain.
Fibromyalgia is considered a controversial diagnosis and some authors claim that should not be considered as a disease because among other reasons, lack of abnormalities on physical examination, laboratory tests medical studies trying to confirm the diagnosis.
It is called fibromyalgia to a group of symptoms and muscleskeletal disorders poorly understood, which is mainly characterized by extreme fatigue, persistent pain, stiffness of varying intensity of the muscles, tendons and a wide range of other psychological symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, morning stiffness , headaches and problems with thinking and memory, sometimes called "blackouts" that often prevent the functioning routine of people. 
It is a disorder present in approximately between 3 and 6 percent of young women, usually between 20 and 50 years old.
One thing to note, because it is a poorly understood symptom of fibromyalgia patients feel that others do not believe them because the pain is not. 
It is an inner suffering, it is the disease of family fibbers.
People with fibromyalgia are blocked in understanding family relationships. 
On the one hand they like to live with the family and be part of it, to feel loved and understood and on the other hand, feel that the family requires or prevents him/her from doing his/her life. 
They feel it is due to them, that they should give explanations, ask for permission, share everything with them, etc. 
Even, sometimes, they may feel "obligated" to someone in the family who hurts them or has hurt them in the past.
 This is called the conflict of dual obligation:
"I am in a double family commitment”
"I have loyalty to my family, but this bothers me”
"I go to the person I love but at the same time, he/she is my executioner"
 "I want to say something for myself but I do not grant the right, the family thinks different”
"I love this family, but this family hurts me, but I feel helpless”
Another situation that can cause fibromyalgia, is to live 4 simultaneous conflicts and all at the family level:
Conflict of direction Conflict for choosing the wrong direction, being on a bad track, whether real, imaginary or symbolic. Devaluation by not finding the right path. 
"The direction I'm taking in my life does not satisfy me”
"What am I doing here?" 
"I'm lost, out of the herd, then ... when someone is lost is best to stay still”
It affects the adrenal cortex, which stops producing cortisol to help overcome the stress that the loss caused me.
I do not know what to do, do not know where to go.
Devaluation Conflict: we have locks to convert inner impulses to outdoor activities:
"Devaluation conflict with what I do or I stop doing”
"If I move aside, I'm not good; if I move to the other, either I'm fine, therefore I do not move. "
"I cannot handle this, it is too much for me”
Contact family conflict tax: having to assume, do or be with a person or situation.
I take care of .... be with .... live ....
Fear of death: Another major conflict that can exist behind a fibromyalgia is the "fear of death" but not physical death, but the death of his/her own "identity" (feeling of not belonging to my royal family or I imagine it, or feel that the family does not do what I want).
"I feel I die, my family does not support me, I belong to my family”
Sufferers of fibromyalgia are exceedingly helpful and responsible people. 
The problem is that they hurt themselves in their eagerness to serve others (family). 
They are people who do favours for anyone, and are able to stop living their lives by serving other members. 
Even, sometimes, despite being the ones dealing perform most housework, they are slighted, criticized, etc. 
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Although, in many cases, I consider others responsible for my own locks, I realize that others do not merely reflect the fear I feel for an issue, to act, to move, to state my view; In short, the fear I feel to do what I think I do.
To regain health, those affected of fibromyalgia need to cut the relationship with those family members that cause damage to them.

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  1. Again, darling Joman, amazingly correct. I notice in my practice that people with fybromyalgia think (like the whole western society and the New Age movement) that you always need to be kind and warm and loving. THese people are made to be cold/distantial, goal oriented and taking responsibility for success (!) and be a grown up. So, yeah, cut family contact. They serve the world with those qualities. Interesting.
    Thank you again so much,