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INTESTINES, emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Small intestine. That one sick of the small intestine is usually a distrustful person who analyzes everything in an exaggerated manner, able to perform a fine analysis of "detail" and which has a highly developed critical sense, "always has something to say”
Disorders of the small intestine tell us about the difficulty a person has to absorb and assimilate the experience that is living.
I do not assimilate the good aspects of my life. 
I do not appreciate the good things around me. I always see the bad in every situation.
When we have the desire to escape, to avoid a situation that we have to spend, but which we would like to see ourselves free as soon as possible, diarrhea occurs, 
"I will eliminate what does not satisfy me”
Diarrhea is not a way to integrate the reality, not to accept, absorb and assimilate an experience, either out of fear or because we consider it unacceptable. 
"I do not want to assimilate that" 
"I'm not accepted in my family, integrated". 
"I cannot continue to assimilate that information” 
"I cannot see the good side of this” 
"This is not how I dreamed it” 
"Everything is wrong".
Diarrhea in school children wants to express: 
"I have not assimilated enough knowledge”
Conflict of inability to assimilate the piece.
Conflict of inability to digest the piece, "indigestible disgruntled" derived from fear of "lack" to starve.
Conflict of not being able to digest a bit too large, as an indigestible vexation, an insult, an impertinence, injustice, etc.
Small intestine cancer: Inability to digest the good life, to digest my life.
"I do not know where to go". 
"I do not know where my life is going” 
"I do not know what is my place in the family” 
"I do not know what position to take..”
Crohn disease: Conflict of material and emotional deprivation, 
"This has been usurping me in a despicable way”
"Fear of losing their identity”
"I despise” "I'm no good”
Dirty play conflict of indigestible evil.
Ileal: "I cannot take the result of the lessons of the past”
Jejunum: Problem of choice, of indecision.
Intestinal parasites, "Someone is imposed on my table” 
"I cannot stand the fact of eating at the bar, at the table of another”
"I impose a belief system”
What element, what is a foreign body doing inside me?
"I let myself to be invaded".
Tapeworm: "I feel parasitized by a strange idea”
Large intestine. It is a part of the digestive system, consisting of the cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal. 
It is the area where we finally absorb and integrate what we have eaten outside. 
After waste (materials) are transported and disposed outward to prevent the body from clogging and contamination. 
Its mission is to evacuate what the body considers useless, superfluous, dirty.
This people must do the same with our experiences: ingest, assimilate, accept, remove the teaching and move on.
Tensions and disease in this body are manifested in people who have difficulty taking away, and forget to heal certain wounds, to evacuate and move on.
The problems in the large intestine speak of a dirty experience (filth, dirt, meanness, treachery, bad play, etc.) that has been assimilated, in principle, but it costs us to digest, to advance and evacuate.
According to the site:
Ascending colon: "filth" made by parents or symbolic, hacienda.
Transverse colon: "filth" made by collateral, couple, sisters, brothers, cousins, etc.
Descending colon: "filth" made by children, nephews, grandchildren.
Colonic polyps are like knots of sorrow and anger (small filth) that we have achieved completely untie.
Diverticulum: Feeling of having suffered a great betrayal. People suffering it sometimes deny shit (feces) problems. 
Everything is going well! 
"The dirt has to stay home” 
"I feel powerless to evacuate one dirty play".
The cancer usually develops over a polyp degenerates, occurs after a conflict (often related to family) caused by a vile, low action, offensive; an issue too "unpleasant" to be "digested" something that cannot "evacuate".
Sometimes you can also get this disease someone who feels "dirty" for being involved in an issue of "possession" (a fight over money or property) that makes you feel guilty.
Colitis: "I give affection intermittently". Affection, sometimes is and sometimes is not, when the pain is not displayed.
The person repeatedly supports stodge. It solves and another begins. Because of this no tumour occurs.
Ulcerative colitis: This is a conflict of indigestible extreme disappointment and annoyance. Dispute relating to the bloodline "crap in the clan, in the family".
"I want to leave this family or want someone to go to my family”
"I have been scammed and also blame myself, it is unfair” "I have taken a value, something".
Irritable bowel syndrome: "Frequent regular trash," one after another.
Superior Rectum: Disgruntled that we did not evacuate, expel. 
Often it relates to the family. Conflict caused by an even more vulgar than the colon action.
Lower rectum/anus: Conflicts of identity within the territory. 
"My place where I feel". 
"I'm on the edge, my place is not within this territory” 
Conflict of separation and loss within the family itself: 
"I do not know what I paint in this family, in this house," in this clan. " "In my family, they do not recognize me” 
Conflict of rancor within the territory crap that happened long ago and I cannot let go: "I do not want to forgive, I keep it”
Anal itching: Conflict of separation from my shit, my identity.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
The sick of the small intestine needs to learn to be flexible, to observe and assimilate the events and let them run.
Those affected large intestine must learn to extract the "purity", the positive aspects of each experience and move on, to move forward without losing time what belongs to the past.
When we live in the past, thinking how good or bad things were, feeling attachment to people or past situations, we are avoiding the present. 
This is a form of self-rejection because it prevents us to face our true feelings.

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