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LEUKEMIA, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

This disease has its name from the Greek leuko (white) and heima (blood), equivalent to white blood disease or, in other words, means that there is excessive immature white cells in the blood.
Affected organ: bone marrow (where blood is made).
Conflict of complete and utter devaluation affecting the proper sense of existence. "Life no longer makes sense”
This impairment is often related to the family as it is a problem concerning the blood (blood-ties of family, clan).
When someone has leukemia has necessarily lived or are inherited (family, clan) an emotional conflict related to "no longer want to fight anymore" to get what for us represents love, happiness, what we have dreamed. It is the sign that we have surrendered to keep trying, hoping, longing, etc.
Acute leukemia can affect men and women equally. 
It can also occur in people of all ages, although it is more common for lymphoblastic leukemias are more frequently diagnosed among children, and myeloblastic (monocytic) among adults and the elderly.
Lymphoblastic leukemia: Global Conflict impairment for prohibition or a danger to grow.
It usually affects children because it is a global devaluation, lived by a whole family and perhaps for generations, where he/she has lived with a permanent emotional conflict prohibition to grow, to mature, to fly, to leave the nest. 
Where several members have lived a terrible fear to stop being children by circumstances that made them fear the future, the world out ...
"I have value if still a child” "I have no right to grow".
"I have no right to mature within the family” 
"I feel helpless to protect my mother” 
"I do not want to become greater” 
"I do not authorize to defend myself” 
"To stay alive, I do not answer, I do not defend myself” 
"My family has been attacked, but I say nothing”
Monocytic leukemia: We express an almost terrifying to defend ourselves and defend our fear. 
Usually, they are life circumstances that put us in situations where only we can help save, protect and we feel helpless. 
"I do not authorize to defend myself” 
"To stay alive, I do not answer, I do not defend myself” 
"My family attacked, but I say nothing”
The affected of leukemia feels debased and impotent in his/her intimate structure, as if he/she had suffered the loss of their own identity.
Some events have occurred (in young children the arrival of a brother for whom he/she feels displaced and separated from her mother's love, death, stress, problems of adults who take away the desire to fight for life, etc. .) to hit him/her with such force that has affected the depths of their structure, their inner convictions and frustrated and "helpless". 
His/her desire of life has been affected and his/her attitude towards love has become distrustful and contemptuous. 
From that moment, he/she does not allow life to flow, it is like an abandonment of the struggle for life, has lost joy and pleasure of living; as if part of it had decided to "prevent" life. Live .... why? Why do I live if I am going to die? 
Why am I going to love if he/she is going to cheat on me? 
Why do I work if I am getting fired?
Why am I going to fight if I am going to lose?
When it affects children under 14 years, you necessarily need to analyze the family tree.
In the case of older people will have to detect the precise devaluation conflict so that it expresses what we have never said.
Leukemia, contrary to belief, is not cancer, is the healing phase of a bone cancer that was not manifested.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Do I feel tired of fighting, trying to take my place in life?
Do I feel that this fight goes beyond my strength? Do I feel that I lost?
Accept and maintain a conscious relationship with life.
Outrun the rules imposed by others or by oneself and draw attention to the higher laws, to the spiritual world.
Opening doors to love. Love has no borders. Love transforms.

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