Wednesday, 23 June 2021

LYMPH NODES, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

They are small bumps that are distributed throughout the lymphatic system. Involved in defending the body against infection.

Symbolically, they can be considered as the "body police".

The lymphadenopathy (swelling of a lymph node) appears after a violent emotional reaction we have retained.

We have been attacked and have the feeling of not knowing or not being able to defend ourselves.

It is an accumulation of disappointments caused by a person or a situation.

"I feel attacked, trapped in a corner”

"I need to defend myself, I have to protect a strange thing"

Lymphs may indicate a personal devaluation, accompanied by a feeling of anguish, not feeling able to be opened in the relationships.

Lymphocytes: Conflict of anticipatory fear. In each area we have the conflict that protection zone added to its symbolism:

Groin: Angst by that inguinal region.

Left Armpit (right-handed people): Conflict of devaluation in the broadest sense.

Conflict of the mother (or father)/child in relation to being a bad parent. "I'm a bad mother”

Inability to fight because of a large, bleeding or in relation to a blood transfusion (the unconscious does not distinguish between blood leaking by bleeding or transfusion) wound.

Conflict of diagnostic of blood cancer.

Right Armpit (right-handed people): Conflict related to the couple. He/she is a bad companion, I see him/her as a threat.

Also conflict of having been thrown out of the way, having chosen the wrong path or having bet on the wrong horse.

In left-handers, it would be the same conflicts but on the contrary.

Noble lymph nodes (glands in the neck): Conflict of fear of disease or a threat (to have the knife in the neck).

Conflict of male fear, of frontal attack, where there is great difficulty in facing the danger presented.

Right-handed person:

Fear of what comes from my body.

Lived in a female  way (woman or left-handed man) it would be a conflict of impotent fear in the face of an emergency, without having the right to defend oneself from the attack.

"I am afraid of what comes from my body" (Animal bites, etc.)

Real or symbolic conflict in relation to "not being able to lean on our body, not being able to count on it".

Symbolically it could be the "medical corps, police, fire brigade, etc.".

"I can't lean on my body."

"I can't count on my body." 

Left-Handed Person:

"I have no right to defend myself." "I do not accept / do not support my body." "They told me something unbearable."

By identification: "The being that I want and that I have to protect is sick, and that is worse than if I were sick myself."

Lymph mononucleosis: Conflict of frontal fear of imminent attack, confrontation.

Thymus: The main gland of the immune system.

Feeling of being attacked by life. "They want to hurt me."

Sarcoidosis: Self devaluation. We are low on defense, that is, we do not feel strong, self-confident, lacking in confidence.

Conflict of devaluation in attack and defense, sometimes due to not knowing how important each thing is or whether I should attack or defend. 

Related to lawsuits, family disputes, with your partner, friends, etc. I'm not sure, should I defend myself? Do I have to attack?

I feel bad because I think I was very tough, rude and I feel bad, I regret it.

Sexual conflict linked to attacks and defenses.

Conflict related to "carnal matters" of abuse or rape.

"I can't forget that I abused that person, physically, emotionally or sexually" I regret it, I did it very badly.

"I could never defend myself so as not to be abused, raped, beaten"

"I wanted to attack him, but I wasn't able to"

Connotations of disgust and fear of death.

We will look for experiences with "meat" that have made us afraid or disgusted.

"I saw a movie or I saw photos of deaths, accidents, serious illnesses and I was very afraid. I don't want to die like this"

If I have not experienced any of this I have to look in my genealogical tree to find out if any double of mine has transmitted any clan salvation program to me.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: It can appear in lymph nodes, lungs, liver, or bone marrow.

This is the repair phase of a pharyngeal duct conflict.

When this type of lymphoma appears, it indicates that I have lived, during my last year, a strong frontal fear that has totally devalued me.

A panic and terror of something or someone.

My devaluation is such that I die of fear.

Frontal fear of illness.

Fear of leaving where we feel protected to face a fight.

It is very important to analyze the affected organ.

Burkitt's lymphoma or Burkitt's cell leukemia: It mainly affects very young people.

Conflict of devaluation with guilt and despair in the love and sexual plane. "Insecurity related to affective fear".

Conflict of difficulty to face a situation that involves secrets.

Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:

What or who do you need to defend yourself against so vehemently?

What/Who is the enemy?

You must stop being the poor thing in the family, the weak, the victim. 

 Forgive yourself or forgive yourself for what happened in the past and start a new life based on trust and confidence in yourself, in love.

The fight may be against yourself. There is a part of your being that you do not admit, that you do not accept, could it be your lack of courage?  

Start by recognizing and integrating this part within your Being.

You need to become aware that it is impossible, and also that it does not suit you, wanting to control all situations and all other people.

To relate, the best thing is that you show yourself as you are and do not want to be otherwise.

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  1. About the glands in the neck, that describes me perfectly. I'm always in fear of my UC symptoms. Guess I should just live life despite the fear. I knew this once but forgot. You reminded me.
    Thank you, Joman :-)

  2. Hi there. Thank you for this information. I was wondering if you could give me insight into blocked painful lymph glands behind my right eye resulting in a recurring swollen eye. I do struggle with seeing the truth when it comes to relationships, especially with men and I avoid confrontation. I would rather sacrifice myself. If it's inappropriate to ask on this posting, then I apologize. Thank you. Estelle :-).


  3. The glands in the left armpit, right handed person....I have been in conflict with both my son and father. ( bad Mother/ bad daughter). Blessings 🙏🏼

  4. I'm left handed with left armpit node and left clavicle node swollen..... what's the root issue?

    1. The armpit represents the way we protect or feel protected
      I was not or am not able to protect my children (pets also come in here).
      They protect me so much that they don't let me be.
      I want to protect, but they won't let me, I can't: Here we can talk about “wanting to protect and not being able to”.
      In most cases, it is about wanting to protect a loved one, but it can also be, and that will already depend on each person, a property, a thing. If I live an emotion of not being able to protect, whatever it is, I will experience it in the armpit.
      If you are left-handed it may be a conflict related to the couple.