Wednesday, 10 April 2019

MENOPAUSE, Emotional and spiritual meaning:

Menopause is the time in life of women (about fifty) when the end of menstruation comes, stops being fertile and therefore loses the ability to procreate.
This is a change, willy-nilly, a so important moment as when her first period appeared.
The problems of menopause depend largely on how women assume and accept this "loss of utility" that is intrinsic to their feminine nature and how they have experienced their sexuality, that is, if they have calmed their feminine ardor or not .
Do I accept the process of life as it is, do I complain, do I suffer and do I want it different?
Do I feel less woman, unimportant, valid and have little fear of aging?
Am I afraid of no longer being attractive and therefore cease to be desirable to the opposite sex?
The most common symptoms that women have not assumed or accepted that transition in their life are anxiety, irritability, lack of energy and other, perhaps more important, somatic character as "hot flashes", the "bleeding", bone decalcification or "osteoporosis" and tumours in the uterus.
Menopause can cause a woman to reject herself.  
She may feel sexual frustration and guilty feelings for not being able to attract the male or for having lost her physical attractiveness. 
Hot flashes, in some way, are indicative of such frustration, since "hot flashes" incite the primary urge to undress, to tear off clothes, to capture attention and generate desire in your partner.
Thoughts and affirmations of women who do not accept such a change in their life: 
Am I still valid? 
Am I right physically? 
Is there anything to heat? 
Is my husband the one who has become cold?
I run out of time, I no longer worth as a woman.
I'm not attractive, no one turns around to face me.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
To prevent all these problems right thing is to enjoy the feminine quality fully before reaching menopause.
The woman who has fully enjoyed her sexuality will not suffer from "heat" at menopause.
The woman who has fulfilled her desire to have children, most likely, will not have to suffer a tumour in the womb symbolizing a pregnancy.
As for bone decalcification, women in ancient times did not fracture their bones, neither more nor less than at the present time, even though it is recommended to take hormones.
Women need to consciously accept the change involved in their life, menopause and take a positive attitude, considering it as a liberation, as a possibility that gives life to enjoy sexuality without risk or not to be disturbed by its rules, ultimately, to live a second youth. 
Menopause can also be considered the bridge, through which, the woman should move from a life that has been based on the outside and seek support refocused exclusively on their inner spiritual world.

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