Thursday, 17 January 2019

NECK PAIN, Emotional and Metaphysical Causes:

It is the connecting channel between the body and the head and in the metaphysical sense, the spiritual body with the material. 
It is an area of ​​great sensitivity because through it all that is essential to man passes. 
From head flowing thoughts, ideas, orders, desires and down the neck (nape) to the body. 
The body represents the action, gesture and acts. Also, from the body flowing emotions and messages that are picked up by the brain
Thus the neck refers to the two-way communication: from head to body and body to the head. 
The pain in this part of the body expresses our difficulties to realize our desires. 
That is, there is a mismatch between what I think and want and what I do with it really. 
For example, I think something but do exactly the opposite; 
I want something, but someone stops me, or it is myself who prevents me do it.
Cervical arthrosis: Conflict of disagreement between what I think and what I do. 
"I think one thing but then do another different".
"I do something against my beliefs"
The neck represents the flexibility, security and knowledge. 
The person who is willing to learn and experience and is not swayed by negative attitudes like "I cannot or do not want", not accumulate tensions and neck problems, on the contrary you will feel satisfied with his/her attitude to life and feel sure their ideas and feelings.
The individual who is held in an inflexible internal attitude that refuses to see and to recognize all aspects of a situation, to adapt or show signs of humility and is unwilling to change, will have no choice but to wear a collar.
Injustice, fear of ridicule, humiliation, to express, overload and burden, the attitude of trying to change other people, any of these erroneous behaviour will cause us pain and neck problems.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Flexibility, mobility and naturalness to consider other perspectives, other views, other ways of seeing and doing things; security and knowledge is what gives the neck strength and the necessary balance.

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