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PREGNANCY problems, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

A biologically pregnancy is like a tumour and at first the mother produces antibodies to deal with this foreign body. 
It is the only "natural growth" in the womb with cell multiplication, with the particularity that are cells from another person.
Fertilization is the realization of a project. 
The project of a child is a conscious part and the other unconscious. On many occasions it is totally unconscious.
Pregnancy itself may constitute a conflict, but the woman may not be aware of it. 
It may be an unwanted child by a failure in contraception, because it happened in an unwanted point in the life of that woman, you do not feel happy in the bosom of the new family, etc.
Conversely, pregnancy can often represent the resolution of a conflict.
For example: not being able to have children, the woman may feel worthless, or feel it lacks a proper place and therefore feel devalued.
Or you could have problems of lack of recognition of her own femininity and yet, when she became pregnant, these conflicts disappeared, no longer affected them anymore.
The resolution of these conflicts is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as edema or severe vomiting, which usually disappear after about two months of pregnancy, if they occur for longer they could affect to the normal development of the baby.
Pathologies of pregnancy and childbirth.
Ectopic or tubal pregnancy: If a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, it is called ectopic or tubal pregnancy.
The conflict that can cause this type of pregnancy is that women want to get pregnant consciously, but not unconsciously.
The woman wants and does not want, at the same time. For different reasons rejects this pregnancy (concerns, financial problems, do not have time to deal with the baby, work problems, couple, etc)
So phrases that could hear a woman are: 
"I want to have a child and do not want it" 
"It is not the right time" 
"I cannot take responsibility for this baby in this environment. The space I have in my house is very small"
Who is the father, my husband or my lover? "It is not a proper father"
My pregnancy is out of standard, uses and customs.
Violent relationship with the couple.
Addled egg or anembryonic gestation. It is an egg fertilized by sperm but does not start the process of cell division that leads to the formation of the baby. It is said that the egg is "empty”.
"Having the desire for a child".
The mother has a great desire to have a child but without a project, without concretizing without realizing. 
She is pregnant with a wish.
It can also happen that the mother has a great desire to have the child and the father a great desire to not have it or vice versa.
Uterine contractions during pregnancy:
It may be due to a drama lived by the mother during pregnancy. 
The uterus contracts as if to remove the baby. 
The baby feels at some point the pain and lack of space, so the solution is to have before the birth contractions.
We can find out: What is it that the mother lived in the same month of pregnancy with her own mother?
Example: "I want to take someone from my home, my family, I go myself"
Gravidarum toxemia, eclampsia:
Toxemia: The placenta becomes toxic.
"I'm scared to death, I'm afraid to die during childbirth".
Eclampsia: The accident of acute toxemia of pregnancy consisting of a repeated convulsions followed by coma access. 
It is a serious problem of urgency; in partum haemorrhage, hypertension, edema, possibly epilepsy, kidney problems, etc. occur
The mother is as if the feeling or the need to:
"I want to kill someone to give life to this child (husband, father, etc)".
Edema occurs when edema in the legs or arms may be a phase resolution of an earlier conflict to the design and the notion of this resolution appears: "I lost all my references"
Bleeding: Bleeding is linked to the blood and it represents the family, therefore it is a conflict in relation to the family.
"I want to remove someone from my family"
If it is a blood clot, it can mean: 
"I want to eliminate the union between two people or this union is attacking me"
Anaemia may occur in highly conflictive family pictures.
"I do not want to disturb the other, do not want to take his/her place, his/her oxygen" 
"I'm afraid to disturb". 
"I have no right to be in this family” 
"To survive you need not to answer, not to fight. 
"I have no right to fight”
Haemorrhoids affect the veins around the anus therefore is a familiar theme. Who am I?
"I have no place in this family. I have no place with this new identity (Mom)".
Who am I, my husband's wife or the mother of my child?
Overproduction of milk: I'm afraid for the baby during pregnancy (example: having spent several amniocentesis).
Softening: How it affects the bones is a devaluation conflict.
What am I? I feel useless.
RH Incompatibility: "I do not want this toxic and deadly family and I must protect my son"
"I wish my child did not belong to this family"
Esophageal atresia: (The esophagus does not develop properly)
My son does not need more than me and I give it all through my blood.
Hypertension: I resist to defend myself and fight. 
To protect my family. (It may be that your partner does not want the baby and wants her to miscarry it).
Umbilical cord around the neck: In many cases, people who have had this problem, when adults, they may feel some pressure at a throat level.
Fluid problems (including economic liquidity).
"If I have liquid, I can die"
Mother problems with your partner.
"It is necessary to sacrifice the child in order the couple lives"
People born with the umbilical cord around his/her neck, when adults, often have difficulty making a living, to be autonomous financially, because their unconscious recorded the age of autonomy of the person, that is, the output maternal belly represents a danger of death.
Placenta previa (when the placenta is placed in the cervix and the baby cannot leave).
"I protect my child from a violation of the father or any other aggression.
My child could be attacked". (It can happen to the woman who does not want much sex during pregnancy but, however, her partner usually requests for it).
Placental abruption: "I'm afraid to be toxic and to harm my baby” (For example, in women who drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs).
"The outside world is dangerous” (It is women who are afraid to relate).
Cancer of the placenta, "I feel afraid of not being able to get along with my pregnancy"
Twins: The meaning may be linked to the loss of a previous child or other deaths of children in the family.
There may also be problems in families with hyperthyroidism, "we must make quick many children to gain time and have multiple pregnancies"
Types of births:  the type of childbirth can define patterns of behaviour, which can affect people as adults.
Blocked childbirth.
Pregnancy goes well, the normal labour starts, but birth is blocked, there is a fetal distress and an emergency caesarean is practiced. They are people who develop their projects well but always find it difficult to complete them. 
Always something that prevents them from successfully conclude what they undertake occurs.
Very quick births, without time to reach the hospital.
"Being born quickly saved my life" 
Being fast is a good solution. 
They are people who do everything very fast, they have many ideas.
Slow births. "Being born slowly saved my life”
They are people who are in no hurry, do everything slowly, often lazy people.
Breech birth: "I show who I am". I was expected as a male being a girl or vice versa.
"Everything outside is black, negative and want to backpedal. Fear of going forward. "
Delayed birth: Gestational age concludes and the woman does not go into labour. The baby cannot continue any longer inside.
By the child, "I do not want to go out and brake birth"
By the mother, "I want to remain a child, I do not feel prepared”
Or, "I do not feel ready to leave my son"
Caesarean birth: When there are health problems, risk to the mother or baby, twins or other multiples, is recommended in many cases to schedule a caesarean section.
In the baby caesarean sections the action of birth has been undertaken but problems arise and you need to practice this technique. 
In the unconscious, they have the belief that they always need help recording to perform any task in life. 
Sometimes they take action but after a while, they do not continue. They may have difficulty in school, work and live their responsibilities with great suffering. 
They feel helpless and indecisive to take things for themselves.
When emergency caesarean occurs, we can say that the woman does not want to give birth, refuses it, because she has strong conflicts with her partner.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Making a duel after an abortion:
After an abortion, we must make a duel for the Self that is gone, whether for relaxation and visualization, or just writing a letter to that soul that never came to us with the following sections:
1 Putting a name.
2 Apologize, forgive their march and forgive ourselves and our ancestors who have gone through similar situations.
3 Ask if you need some more work (to be attentive to sensations).
4 Saying goodbye and drop, let go.
5 Thank experience on our behalf and that of our ancestors.
6 We can include a drawing or similar, that we associate with the baby.
7 Lastly, we deliver that letter to the land (buried), air (released with a balloon), water (sea or river), or fire (burned), and finally back to thank.
That abortion may have occurred because the woman should not be guided by family, social, religious, etc. appraisals, to make the decision to become pregnant.
The expectant mother absolutely must take responsibility when it's time or not, to have a child.
A woman should be mother knowing what she does, because giving birth to a child is one thing, any woman can do, but being a mother is a special quality because since the child is in her womb, it depends entirely on her.
Then, when the child is born, the mother also feels as if she were born again. And when the child begins to grow, the mother also grows with it.
When the woman feels she is ready to love unconditionally that would be the right time to get pregnant.
The solution lies in love, in delivery. In seek union with the new Being and serve selflessly. 
Thus, neither the fear of liability or the selfish feeling of losing freedom, would fit within women to cause abortion.
When a mother focuses on the needs of her child, the pregnancy develops harmoniously.

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