Thursday, 28 November 2019

SACRUM, Emotional and Metaphysical meaning:

The sacrum talks about what is fundamental, essential and "sacred" for each of us in terms of our education, our religion or our culture. 
Sometimes conflicts arise the relationship we have with religious rules that require us to comply with a series of commands such as not to steal, not to wish your neighbour's wife or prohibition of incest. 
We are also exposed to conflicts to keep concrete political ideals or possess certain moral concepts. 
Similarly, we can feel devalued by conflicts over honour, honesty, sexuality, etc.
What are the sacred moments of life for the human being?
1. The conception
2. The birth
3. The responsible adult
4. Fatherhood/Motherhood
5. Being grandparent
6. Death
Conflict of "double urgency" regarding what is fundamental, essential and sacred to the individual. 
The notion of "double urgency" expresses two contradictory messages opposing and seemingly incompatible, returning the problematic situation and often unsolvable. 
Example: a person whose fidelity and family are fundamental, on the other hand feels that his/her family is causing much suffering to him/her. 
What does he/she do? 
The person feels cornered, alone in a difficult situation to solve at the same time. 
"If I move aside, I'm not okay, if I move to the other way, I am not fine either, so I do not move" 
Since we cannot go in two opposite directions, as we cannot sail with one foot in each boat, the unconscious gives us disabling symptoms that do not have to choose between two paths facing. 
The person is locked between two proposals, which leads to a mood centered around impotence in making a choice.
Other examples of "double urgency": Love/Hate, Attraction/Repulsion, say/not say, Duty/Pleasure, etc.
The solution to this conflict goes through a possible agreement between these two contradictory poles so they can find peace with himself/herself.
Sacrum and sexuality: always from the point of view of what is fundamental, essential and "sacred" for each.
For what purpose, why does the sacrum block? For not performing the sexual act.
Infidelities problems in the couple.
Incest, rape, fondling.
Sexuality prohibited by the family: by difference in age, religion, homosexuality, prostitution, etc.
Having witnessed shocking scenes during childhood or adolescence.
Prohibition of incest. "I have no right to make love with my brother, cousin, etc”
Symbolic incest: (looking at the family tree)
Women unconsciously making love with her brother, father, etc.
Man unconsciously making love with his sister, mother, etc.

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