Saturday, 10 November 2018

SCIATICA, emotional and spiritual meaning:

It is a pain that appears along the path of the sciatic nerve (from the sacrum to below the knee and down the back of the leg.
It is due to mechanical pressure or inflammation of the nerve.
The function of sciatic nerve inflammation is to prevent information related to moving freely from reaching its destination (leg muscles), to avoid taking a step, walking or going towards someone.
When it is inflamed, it can indicate to me that I am afraid to make a change, to start a new life, always in relation to the fear of lack."If I change I will no longer have this or that thing"
Fear of going forward in a new direction, on a new path that life has proposed to me. "I don't feel sure which way to go"
I have become accustomed to my old beliefs or habits, to a certain way of living, which gives me certain stability and which I am not willing to give up.
It can also inflame when I feel angry towards someone, who tries to humiliate me and I do not want to submit. 
Rather, I would like to give him a good kick, but I suppress my aggressiveness and just stay with the intention.
Anger related to a movement or movement that I am prevented or forced to do.
It can be inflamed if I am afraid of the future and of lacking material goods; I feel uneasy related to the lack of money, the lack of money, the fear of not having enough financial means to pay for my housing, food, that is, to live peacefully.
We can make different interpretations depending on the area of ​​the nerve where the pain is more intense, for example: if the pain is strongest in the buttock (part of the body that symbolizes power, being well "settled") it expresses the pain and the fear I feel about losing my power, real or symbolic (money, prestige, position, etc.) and stop feeling like a valuable person.
If the pain is more intense in the thigh (support, projects) or in the leg (moving forward, going towards others) it tells me that I am afraid to face a situation that reveals my insecurity, (a separation, the loss of work, money, etc.).
As the leg speaks of relationship, an inflammation of the sciatic nerve in it, may be due to the fact that I have felt betrayed or abandoned by a family member or friend, on whom I was leaning. In the same way, it can express that I feel guilty for having behaved hypocritically with someone close to me.
If sciatica is related to the L5-S1 vertebrae, it means that I am experiencing a conflict related to my collaterals (partner, siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers) added to an issue related to “the sacred” (conception, birth, death, parenthood, adult, grandparent).
"I have to pay for Grandpa's funeral", "I have to pay for my grandson's christening"
In the same way, it can refer to a conflict related to sexuality, especially when the pain is located inside the leg.
-Sexuality outside the norm.
-Prohibition of incest.
When sciatica affects the L4 and L5 lumbar vertebrae, it expresses conflicts due to the norms or rules (“the duty to be”, “the right thing”, “the normal thing”, “the usual thing”), with my collaterals (brothers, cousins, friend’s co-workers).
"I'm not like the others", "It is not okay to have sex with your ex-husband"
Most people who suffer from sciatica tend to appear to be abundant and prosperous, secure in their income, but at the moment of truth, they feel a deep fear of not having resources, money, that is, of being poor.
As a consequence, they generate resentment, aggressiveness and rejection towards themselves and towards other people.
Right leg: "Fear of not having money to not be able to meet financial needs" as far as I am concerned. 
"My money is running out", "I am spending a lot of my savings" It is an "upset" emotion.  
On the one hand, I must buy something that I need, but internally I am opposed tomaking that expense. 
Left leg: "Not being able to give everything, on the material plane, to the people I love", "How I wish I had more money to support my parents", "I would like to pay my brother college or his house fee to my sister" 
It is an "upset" emotion. 
On the one hand, I would like to spend on something that a loved one needs, but at the same time my subconscious tells me not to do it; for fear that my money will run out.

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  3. Everything that was writing makes sense. It's jsut getting those worries and thoughts that manifest as pain out and gone!

  4. This article is just amazing. I have my own business and due to the pandemic I haven't worked so I'm surviving with my savings. Today I had the exact thought and worry that I'm spending a lot. And my right buttock hurts. I didn't know it was related but it makes total sense. This article is spot on. Thank you

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