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TEETH disorders, Emotional and metaphysical meaning:

Teeth represent our ability to express what we think and how we "affirm" or "bite" in life. 
Biting is an act of aggression, power, a takeover.
"I do not get to say what I have in mind"
"I am not able to affirm or someone stops me assert myself"
Bad teeth is a sign of aggression contained and low vitality. 
The sufferer avoids conflicts and lacks the ability to "take a bite" to a problem.
By devaluation conflict "I cannot bite".
You could bite, I can do it, but I have no right to do so, "I have been educated too well".
Devaluation conflict, "for not being able to bite" because one feels weaker.
Other dental problems are related to our difficulties to "go forward" to make decisions and eliminate the obstacles that prevent us from advancing.
Abscess: A tooth abscess is located in a gum due to an infection in a diseased or damaged tooth.
The pus collects accumulated harm to expel it. In this case, it expels that prevented us from making a decision (to catch a piece in the form of decision). 
The remains of the battle (infection) for that decision are being eliminated. If we enter the conflict the abscess may persist.
A decision we have not taken or have not been able to maintain consistently. 
Disgruntled that appears with anger and frustration, regarding a decision that corrodes me inside and I cannot take. 
Find the meaning of the tooth in which it appears.
Tooth decay is the manifestation of a deep inner pain. 
Something gnaws me to the depths of my being, perhaps because we have not been able to express the words have said or should not have taken the right decision at the right time.
When it affects the glazed part, we have experienced a situation in which we had the desire to "bite" to someone and we have not done so because "a child well-mannered does this kind of things"
"I have no right to defence or attack"
When it affects the bone, devaluation conflict not being able or not being able to chew up feeling too weak. 
Thus we block and we cannot act or manifest our desires.
"I am nothing, I cannot even deal with others"
Cavities also indicate that we take life too seriously and that we prevent ourselves laughing.
Pulp teeth: "You are not allowed to feed my aggressiveness"
Bruxism or grinding teeth, teeth grinding expresses an unconscious anger that rises to the surface, a repressed anger is often expressed night. 
As not get to take clear and precise decisions, the gnashing of teeth is the physical expression of my sorrow and my repressed aggression.
Similarly, we can express our tendency to deny us the pleasure in life: "I refuse pleasure".
Tooth Avulsion: Tooth (of adult) that leaves its habitual position. It may fall completely or move or move.
The sense is to change the position of the tooth to one that allows us to "bite" the snack better.
Devaluation for not being able to catch the piece (biting) or for not being able to express (I do not support my ideas or words).
Fear of hurting another.
Tooth that advances: I want to accelerate.
Tooth that recedes: I want to brake.
Take into account the affected part and its function or symbolism.
Plaque: Tartar is an attempt protection. 
It is deposited primarily on the gums below because this area represents our more fragile and vulnerable part. 
People who are hypersensitive made much tartar. 
They have come into the world in a climate of coldness, fear, anxiety or insecurity.
With tartar, they try to cover and hide their faults and weaknesses, "So I feel less afraid"
If it appears on the outside of the gums, we are trying to protect from attacks coming from outside (slapping, abuse, humiliation).
If the tartar is deposited mainly in the interior, the person does not feel his/her weakness, his/her smallness and how much needs others to meet their needs.
Tartar is generally an adult "disease".
If it manifests in the child, it is a sign of hypersensitivity exacerbated against the child that tries to fight. 
What or who is trying to protect?
Some people develop plaque after entering school, following separation or those who suffer from bullying. 
"I'm immersed in a medium that is too hard for me"
It gives safety, comfort and protection will then be as important as removing tartar.

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