Sunday, 22 December 2019

VOCAL CORDS: Emotional and Metaphysical Meaning:

Conflict related to verbal expression.
I want to express something, but I keep it inside me.
Conflict of not being able to express myself.
Fear not to speak or not dare to do so.
Unable to explain.
I want and I cannot.
I speak and do not want or I cannot speak.
Mutism. I cannot tell you a secret.
Am I afraid to be laughed at me, criticized, rejected, or be misunderstood?
What is it that hurts us to say and we prefer to keep?
I need to have confidence and say things as they are.
We must grant ourselves the right to express ourselves freely and in our own way, without allowing ourselves to be dominated by fear. 
We must learn to say things, to express our feelings, which will allow this energy to circulate freely. 
If we have difficulty expressing ourselves by saying things, then we can express ourselves by writing them.  
We need to be confident and say things the way they are, being authentic to ourselves. 

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