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BLOOD disorders, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

Blood symbolizes life, it is the carrier of vital energy, joy of life that flows freely through the body. 
But it also represents the family, "blood ties". When we suffer some disease related to blood first thing to ask is how my relationship with my family members, with people wearing my same blood work?
Circulatory problems mean that we are not allowing life to circulate freely within us and we have difficulty expressing our joy of life, our love for life.
"Life no longer makes sense”
At the origin of this blocking almost always you can find a deep devaluation conflict with respect to any member of the family or to the family itself.
Red blood cells: They carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. Symbolize blood ties.
Polyglobulia: Increase the total volume of red blood cells.
Conflict of fear of dying for something related to blood, or lack of red blood cells. Example: because a family member died of a haemorrhage.
Hyperglobulinemia: Increased red blood cells.
"I want to give life to someone” "I want to bring more oxygen, more life".
Thalassemia: The body produces an abnormal form of haemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. 
The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, leading to anaemia is present.
"Wasting oxygen, life". This happens sometimes when we obsess about helping someone else.
Acanthocytosis: Presence of acanthocytes in blood (deformed red blood cells spine-shaped).
Devaluation conflict at the household level. conflict or project transgenerational sense.
Need to defend from your own family.
Conflict of being attacked within the family environment and the environment itself. 
Drowning in the family. 
"My family drowns me”
"Difficult relationship in the clan".
White blood cells: They are responsible for detecting foreign matter and they defend us.
"Lack of security within the family”
"I defend, I have the impression that I want bad”
Agranulocytosis: Conflict of impairment in self-defence.
Attacking is being attacked. 
If I defend myself I go worse off. 
Therefore, I live safe without doubling back and fight my defences away from contact with the outside.
Conflict of inability to defend itself. 
I cannot make out of my enemy.
Platelets: These are the blood clotting to prevent bleeding miss out on.
Increased platelets. Conflict accession attachment:
"I feel bad if I do not feel surrounded by my family”
Thrombocytopenia (platelet deficiency): decrease in the number of platelets circulating in the blood below normal levels.
It manifests after a severe family conflict, for which we are wasting too much for trying to unite, to unite the family again. 
"I am unable to unite the clan". 
"As much as I try, I cannot get attached to the family”
"I cannot get my family is integrated". 
"I am no longer able to fight”
"I cannot associate myself with my family” 
"I feel isolated in my family”
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:
Life is the only truth, the only certainty and our only goal should be to let ourselves be possessed by life completely. 
Get carried away by it. 
So that it can perform is necessary to accept us as we are, we start believing in ourselves and become aware of our values, talents and abilities.
When the body, mind and heart work in profound harmony, we feel full of energy.
That energy comes from consciousness and becomes for us and for the whole world in a great delight.

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