Tuesday, 20 November 2018

CONJUNCTIVITIS OR PINK EYE, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane that lines the back of the eyelid and the front surface of the eye. 
The symptoms that appear are the following: difficulty to open the eyes when waking up, since the eyelashes stick due to a discharge; swelling of the eyelids and redness and swelling of the eye.
What is the biological meaning of this symptom?: An ulceration of the conjunctiva has occurred in the active phase of a conflict of "not wanting to see what happens" and in the repair phase there is inflammation to recover the tissue lost in the phase previous.
Conflict of separation due to not having a loved one close (within sight), someone we need, who inspires us with confidence, to face certain situations that we are experiencing.
The absence of that person causes us pain, insecurity and helplessness.
Wanting to catch something (bite) or someone with your eyes: "I am separated from the eyes of such a person", "I've lost sight of him", "I don't see what I like anymore", "I no longer see the person I love", "Wanting to catch my son with my sight", "I'm about to not see it, to cry", “Wanting to catch a 'bite with your eyes” If itching occurs, the loss of pleasure in seeing someone is added: "I would like to see him again, but that is not possible"
Other times, conjunctivitis expresses anger and frustration because we cannot help but witness something that we dislike, that hurts us.
In these cases, conjunctivitis is associated with frustrations experienced with helplessness and anger.
"Not bear to see what you look at", "I am angry and frustrated with everything I am seeing", "Nobody protects me from what I see", "They look at me and make fun of me"
Deception or incest conflict: "Quick, my spouse can't see this"
Purulent conjunctivitis: Not wanting to keep seeing something or someone that is very difficult for me, something dirty.
Spring or summer conjunctivitis: he tells me about a situation of separation in contact with nature, possibly due to a dirty vision of something sexual.
Pterygium: Pterygium is called a tissue (meatiness) that grows on the conjunctiva of the eye after a conflict of "real attack and visual separation", (wanting to separate from the attack).
The biological sense of meatiness is that of protection. 
Symbolically, it is like a "protective shield" that comes to protect us from the attack and separation that we have suffered, since we have not been able to do it consciously.
This symptom appears in the repair or solution phase (conscious or unconscious) of the conflict we have experienced.
“Nobody protects me from what I see. My eyes go under a protective wing”.
Left eye: "I do not like the image I give" It is related to defense and danger, look far to shoot. It is the eye that directs movement and identifies enemies.
Right eye: "I don't like the image I give to others", It is the eye of recognition and affectivity, the one that memorizes and compares faces. It is linked to children, family, friends and our identity.

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