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EARS, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

It is the organ of the sense of hearing. They are the representation of our ability to listen, to grasp, of receptivity and acceptance of what comes from the outside.
The ability to hear is bodily expression of obedience and humility, "listen to someone", "lend an ear", etc.
Ear problems indicate that we have difficulty in hearing what happens within ourselves or around us. 
Likewise they can refer to a conflict of not being able to catch the piece or bite.
Inner Ear: When present problems in the inner ear, we are living apart from someone who we like to hear or something we like to hear. It’s about a separation conflict.
"I'm alone or do not want to separate myself from..”.
I feel attacked.
What I am said or what I hear, agrede what I think or feel.
I want to part with these insulting words that bother me in understanding my life.
Right ear: "I do not hear something I wish to hear” (Antagonized Desire)
Left ear: "I hear something I do not want to hear” (Counteracted Action)
There are several inner ear disorders that cause dizziness or vertigo, nausea and hearing loss.
Hardness of hearing: We are inflexible, intransigent and intolerant. We refuse to listen to any kind of recrimination. 
We feel superior and we think we do everything better than others.
Otosclerosis: It can manifest after we have felt in danger of death because of a "big noise" that leaves us breathless.
Meniere's syndrome: It is an increase in fluid pressure in the inner ear. The same resentires of hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.
Seasickness in transport: Disagreements between two sources of information.
Examples: Between the inner and outer world. Between what I can control and what you cannot. Between mom and dad.
Middle Ear: The middle ear is filled with the first link with the mother, her voice.
It is a feeling of not being able to fish the information that interests me.
Conflict of lack of emotional nourishment.
"I could not capture the information by ear".
In children: "I cannot get what I want". "I do not want what they give me that way” "I cannot get to hear what I mean”
It may be that I as a child, do not get the love, the love of my mother, I do not "hear" about me. 
You might not buy me a toy I have asked for a long time, therefore "I hear that they will hear me”
Conflict refers to a lack of food or forced excess.
"Having to eat too much at one time” 
"Not being able to eat when hungry” 
"Moving from breast to bottle, eat with a spoon and pour it, eat with the nanny, etc”
Conflict of not being able to catch something "not be able to capture important information by ear".
Right ear: conflict of fear of not able to catch the piece, the love of the mother, the mother.
Left ear: be flooded with information that you have to listen.
"I do not get to swallow the vital nutritional information”
Ear ossicles: The ossicles are the first bones to ossify completely during development and at birth are almost mature. 
Among the functions of the ossicles, we have: To transmit and amplify sound, are the link between air and liquid. 
Like all conditions related to bones, we speak of an "impairment in hearing something we hear”
Cholesteatoma: It can be defined as growth in the middle epithelial ear, the tissue grows and gradually accumulate, as it is destroying the surrounding bone. 
Although growth is slow, if not treated in time it can completely destroy the structures of the middle ear and the inner ear. 
The early symptoms are very mild even nonexistent. 
The most common symptom is the discharge from the ear, usually foul-smelling, but painless and occasionally with otic bleeding. "Impairment in hearing listening for something” 
Example: Every time a teenager asks something to his/her mother, she always refuted, she undermined his/her confidence, she rebuked them, etc. until he/she stopped listening for being unable to endure the devaluation.
Eustachian tube mucosa: These are small passages that connect the upper part of the throat (pharynx) to the middle ear. 
It is normally closed, but opens when a person yawns or swallows, thus protecting the delicate parts of the ear from sudden changes in air pressure.
"I do not want to change the atmosphere” 
"I reject conflicts, disputes”
"I cannot stand the storm, discussions”
Muscular Fallopian tube: "I suffer for my middle ear and so it may contain, so keep it closed”
Conflict of being afraid to hurt someone we perceive by the ear, the voice of mom.
"I do not want anything bad happen; she is sick; Dad yells, hits her; I want to protect her. "
"When I approached my mother, I have fear; I fear I protect my mother, who wants to protect me. "
Tympanum: "Catch the necessary information” "Separation by sound". Lack of auditory contact.
It depends if the condition is located in the left ear our problem is with the male symbol, paternal, or "something you do not want to lose", referring to a "piece", and if the right, with the female symbol, maternal or on 
"I want to catch something," may be the bite, the mother, etc.
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