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ECZEMA OR ATOPIC DERMATITIS, Emotional and Metaphysical meaning:

Eczema or eczematous dermatitis is a group of dermatological conditions (skin), characterized by having various inflammatory lesions such as erythema, vesicles, papules and exudation.
It is a condition of the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) that can occur in adults as in children and is manifested by a reddening of the area, itching and flaking.
It affects to hypersensitive people who did not learn to love and live so much in terms of what others expect of them.
Eczema appears after a breaking contact situation, more or less intense. This separation may refer to a loved one, family, a pet, an object, an idea, etc.
Here are some situations of life in which the notion of separation is present: accident, divorce, remoteness, rupture, separation, isolation, death, etc.
"Conflict of simple separation".
"Conflict of fear of being alone”
"Separation of father, mother, brother or another person, an animal or an object (bed, sofa, etc.)".
The place where the eczema is revealed explicitly depends on the specific content of the conflict.
If you are located in the hands we can speak of the impatience we felt face the difficulties we have to act or "I feel separated from something I'm doing”
You can also show a conflict of separation from our father or our partner.
If it affects the mouth can be a conflict of separation from someone, whom we want to continue kissing.
"Now I cannot kiss him/her anymore”
If the eczema is located in the elbow crease and the hollow behind the knees, it indicates that we feel misunderstood and alone. Nobody supports us in our projects.
In the bend of the elbow can also be expressed:
"I feel separated from the embrace of someone or not I want to hug someone”
On the outside of the elbow, he/she said: "I feel separated from a job"
When an eczema is manifested in the left breast of a woman it can be related to a conflict breaking contact mother/child; if the right breast is affected, it speaks of a conflict of emotional separation (partner) or of a loved one.
When an eczema affects the head (seborrheic dermatitis) often express the disappointment we feel when we see questioned our ability to control, or not seeing recognized and accepted our ideas.
You can also express: I have to be seen and at the same time want to hide.
"I want my work to look, to be recognized, but I do not like to stand out”
If the affected is the face, it can make a big discomfort with oneself and with the image we project. We talk about the difficulties we have about our identity.
"Conflict of separation from our image”
Eczema in children is linked to security-related insecurity or fear maternal bond.
"Conflict of separation from the mother”
This is usually generalized eczema all over his/her body as a separation for a child represents a vital conflict and therefore affects the globality of being.
Recommendations to recover physical, emotional and spiritual health:...
First we find a remarkable and unsettling drama occurred some time before the onset of the disease, a year earlier, approximately.
Analyze and discover who or what I am separated, isolated and reason to understand that not why I suffer from skin.
Loudly express how much I said separation hurts.
We need to accept ourselves as we are and love us.
We should not entrench ourselves in our feelings and try to express spontaneously at all times.
We must be consistent with ourselves and not be too influenced by what happens around us. 
We have to identify our real needs and act accordingly.
It is very important to deal with conflicts and avoid betraying consciously.

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