Tuesday, 20 November 2018

FEET, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

They are the support on which we settle our foothold on the ground, the foundation upon which our body is held to stand, to move, to go forward. 
They are our contact with the earth (Mother Earth), with life, with others.
The feet, therefore, affirm and recognize represent our positions and the criteria that governs our lives, our ideals and our convictions.
Symbolizing the official role we play, our attitudes, our support in relationships, especially often linked to the mother who cares for us and that nourishes us and to our roots. 
Finally, they are also a symbol of freedom because they allow us movement.
The feet show us how to go through life:
Some big feet indicate a person who in childhood was very attached to his/her mother. 
You may have a tendency to materialism.
By contrast, small feet indicate that he/she found support in paternal and individuals may be attracted to the intellectual and spiritual.
Some flat feet correspond to a person who seeks the affection of the mother, when I am a child I do not want to leave my mother, 
I need to merge, 
I seek contact with my mother, 
I need more contact with her or 
"I feel oppressed by my mother and I submit myself because I cannot escape, I let myself do.”
"I prevent detach and nailed me to the ground"
"I'm crushed by my mother"
Cavus Foot (with excessive plantar arch) like a person who curls up and folds back on himself/herself thus expressing their need for autonomy in relation to the mother. 
"I resist the burden of my mother"
"I want to leave my mother"
However, people with heavy feet are firmly rooted to the ground, security. 
People are reliable, consistent and realistic and little given to intellectual plane.
Hot Feet: The epitome of sweetness, synonymous with being ... People who have warm feet would have liked her mother was better, sweet, warm, more loving.
Cold feet: "My mother is cold, I do not want to touch her because contact is destabilizing”
Individuals who walk on the toes have a serious problem with the mother: 
"I would not want to see, I do not want to touch” 
At the same time have little contact with reality, not take root anywhere and are possessed of great dreams, fantasies and enormous creativity.
Walking with your feet out can be a sign of openness, extroversion; otherwise, that is, walking with your feet facing inward, we are probably talking about a shy person who is afraid to move, 
"I go, but I do not want to go".
Meanwhile those who walk by relying primarily on their heels, as if they were walking on eggs, tend to shy away from life as the stance they take are likely to be taken down easily to back.
Calluses on the feet express our need to protect our mother. "I need to protect my mother”
Plantar fasciitis: Cholera in relation to the mother or the maternal role. 
Repressed rage. "I have no right to express it”
Plantar pain, hardness: "I was kicked in the ass by others to move. I'm sick, abandoned. "
Heel: Those forced to use their “brakes”.
Achilles tendonitis: It allows the propulsion of the body. "Devaluation in the lived present" real or symbolic, and sometimes is subjective.
The sole represents the mother, but on a symbolic level is the house where the mother is, the family home.
Calcaneal spur: Conflict of duty, lack of independence, against the mother and/or to the world.
Deeply incriminate oneself because of what one is.
"I have no right to leave home" or to leave the domain of my mother, to set foot on the ground to leave" 
"I wanted to leave, but I could not"
"I think that I want to leave" 
"I cannot marry, I must look for my mother" 
"It is my duty, to keep my parents" 
"It's a habit, eating every Sunday with family and my parents"
"My mother says I should look after her" 
"It's a tradition that I look after my brothers"
We need to free ourselves from the bonds and obligations that have been imposed to us to make our own life, and to raise a family.
Therefore, feet problems talk about the conflicts that each one has in relation to the mother, (can also be a symbolic mother, State Aids, etc.) and her position on the world. 
We suggest that we take or maintain positions lack reliability or security. 
It is characteristic of people who are afraid, who are afraid of expressing their own opinions, they do not feel good about themselves or do not accept the position held at the time.
They can also express the perception of no progress, of being stuck, spinning around the same, perhaps not knowing what attitude to take in front of a situation, and “not knowing where to go".
When the tension is manifested in the right foot, then you have a relationship with the feminine (or real mother) and, when present in the left foot, is related to male (or the symbolic mother).

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  1. Fascinating
    I have been trying to understand why my mother has reoccurring callouses and you have provided insights
    Thank you!

  2. I left my narcissistic mother and my plantar fasciitis disappeared completely!!!!!

  3. I am prone to injure my feet. This month is been terrible. Last week I broken my little right toe and this afternoon I smash the left one. Can anyone tell me why?

  4. What hurting your toes means? I am always hurting them. At them moment I have a broken right little toe and just slashed tip of left one. 😔

  5. I am prone to injure my feet. This month is been terrible. Last week I broken my little right toe and this afternoon I smash the left one. Can anyone tell me why?

    1. Hello, Feet are related to two aspects of our life: First, they show our progress, the route or the path we want to follow and, secondly, they express the relationship with our mother. In many problems that affect the feet, both aspects are represented. "I want to go one way, but my mother does not agree, she prevents me" "I want to advance in life, but my mother stops me" "I want to go, but my mother holds me back" "My mother judges me , criticizes me, the path I have taken in life "
      The little toe (little finger): It is the finger related to the "territory" in relation to collaterals, anger with ourselves, guilt. It is the finger that examines my territory and that seeks balance, it gives firmness to my grip.
      "Sharing my room is uncomfortable."
      "I hate myself for the way I express myself."
      "What my wife told me hurt me."
      "I feel bad about the way I answered my brother."