Wednesday, 4 January 2017

INDEX FINGER, Emotional and Spiritual meaning:

The finger showing authority, which orders and directs. 
The index is used to indicate, indict, scold, give orders or to try to understand something to someone, it shows "who knows".
It is the finger of our "Ego" of the we use to show our convictions, our point of view and also to issue a criticism.
"I must justify myself in my role”
This finger marks our strength, our character and our decision-making power.
When we suffer some damage, it may indicate that we have had a problem of authority or, what for us means the authority. 
Perhaps we have lost our leadership, maybe someone before us or our independence and security stagger. 
We are living something that causes us fear. 
Someone is judging us wrong.
You can also express our difficulty saying things, to affirm our view. They can express the fear of being criticized or judged or to issue a critical lack of confidence or fear or other "they say".
It may also indicate that we are abusing certain authoritarianism in our work or in our efforts to lead others or that our authoritarian trend has been thwarted, or that we are marked by who represents the authority.
Authority of the father. 
Notion of control.
It is connected to the sense of smell.

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